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Quotables: Taylor Swift and Michael J. Fox are BFFs Now, Don’t Worry

photo of michael j fox and taylor swift pictures

Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good. Thank you for having my back.

Ugh, can I tell you just how much I hate this comment (which came directly from Taylor Swift’s Twitter page)? Because if I were an unbalanced person, something like this from someone like her about someone like him could really, really ruin my whole f-cking day. As it were, I am not an unbalanced person, and something like this, though ridiculous, about a simple shithead who has no idea who she is in comparison to a legend like Michael J. Fox, will not ruin my day. I just have one request, though—can someone please, please give Michael J. Fox a call and tell him to say this, verbatim?:

“I have no idea what this crazy Taylor Swift bitch is talking about—I don’t even have Taylor Swift’s telephone number for fear of accidentally passing it along to an seventeen-year-old boy with judgement issues.”

Moral of the story? Taylor Swift is the most annoying little shit who’s ever lived. The end.

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