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Forget What You Heard: Kim And Beyonce Are Best Friends

A photo of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

I don’t know where anybody ever got the idea that Beyonce hates Kim Kardashian. I mean, that’s just ludicrous. So what if the idea of Beyonce befriending Kim doesn’t make any sense in any universe? So what? That was a really big conclusion for you to jump to, and I’m sort of ashamed. So is Kim.

From Rumor Fix:

Kim Kardashian says that rumors Beyonce can’t stand her are not true. When Kim first began dating B’s friend, rapper and producer Kanye West, tabloids and gossip blogs claimed that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were not fans of Kim and gave her the cold shoulder.

But in a new interview with satellite radio personality Sway, Kim shuts down those rumors. “That is so not true. She couldn’t be more sweet,” Kim reveals. “She’s the sweetest person … seriously, one of the sweetest people I’ve met,” the reality TV beauty says of her alleged rival.

As for how the rumor got started, Kim adds, “I have no idea where these things come from. I think people just like to make up these feuds. It’s more interesting.”

The brunette bombshell, who is now pregnant with Kanye’s child, says the silly rumors have never come up in conversations with Beyonce in the dozens of times they’ve been around each other. “We’ve never even talked about. It never even comes up in conversation.”

So there you go. I’m glad that she could set the story straight, and I’m so glad that now we’re one step closer to figuring out what Kim and Beyonce do talk about when they’re together. Any guesses? Probably makeup and stuff, right? Or money.

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  • Reality TV beauty? Brunette Bombshell? Rumor fix must be operated by someone who has major vision problems. Better descriptions would be “fat-assed fourth-rate porn star” or “urine-stained trainwreck”.

    • Operated by PC PR bullshit more like. Public ass kissing for a paycheck. So lame. C’moooon give us real dirt…

    • I would guess they’re pretty common.

      There is, after all, a beverlyhillsbuttlift site (among MANY others).

      They probably aren’t as common as breast jobs yet, but given their attractions, (india does super-cheap ones) I’d imagine they’re pretty common.

      Butt fat transfers (or butt lifts) are far more common with celebrities and have fewer complications. The surgery also has a liposuction combined. (That is where they get the fat.)

      See, butts are a weight bearing structure, unlike breasts. Implants usually don’t work well there.

      Fat transfers are also much more expensive in terms of time and equipment. (A 6+ hour surgery is normal.)

      The amount of fat shifted can be around 10 cups.

      In layman’s terms, that’d be 4.8 pounds of fat or 2204g. Roughly 15428 kcal.

      I would imagine that’d be where Coco gets her ass.

      The average price is $7675 currently on the east coast. Top end is around $21k.

      • This guy has to much time on his hands ! Get a life nobody asks you for such in depth information on EVERY single topic you write about it is so annoying ! You are actually scarey !!!!!

      • LOL

        I really like you Julia!

        It’s great to have a fan.


        Just stick to board certified plastic surgeons and it isn’t a big deal. There are great savings right now because of the economy.

      • No offense to you Lana that crazy pirate seems like he would make up two people so he could have some one to talk to ! Read some of his crazy ass post you will know what I’m talking about !

      • Those are called sockpuppets. I don’t do those.

        Most people think I write long enough to be just me! =)

        In fact, in the sockpuppet world, YOU would most likely be my sockpuppet.

        Are you me Julia?

      • @ Chaz *evil grin*

        Hmm. *finger to chin*

        A fur sockpuppet Julia of my very own.

        That does sound good, actually. ;)

  • Ahhhhh Guest…. A post from Guest is like a junkie’s fix for crack. If you agree with Guest on anything then you’re Chaz and must be flogged. If you don’t agree with Guest on anything then you are most DEF Chaz and must be flogged. If you use a made up moniker then of course you are Chaz and must be flogged. If you use your actual name then of course, you are an evil shit disguising your real name of Chaz and likewise, must be flogged.
    If however you ARE Chaz then you are awesome and more fun to read than Guest with or without his/her medications. Seriously, there should be a contest to win shirts that say “I’m Chaz” after every Leann Rimes post. Winner of who can come up with the wittiest comment to Guest that causes seizures or some mouth frothing ailment wins.
    Chaz for President.

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