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Octomom Is Stripping for Valentine’s Day

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Last summer, Octomom was supposed to do this stripping gig. I mean, she did one, as you can see, but she was supposed to do a different one. She cancelled because one of the employees of the club said that she “must be a little crazy,” then the club tried to sue her for backing out of the deal. It was a whole big mess. You remember.

But Octomom made a deal with the poor, scorned strip club, and come Valentine’s Day, all debts will be paid. With boobs.

From TMZ:

Octomom’s 2013 is shaping up a lot like 2012 … weeks after signing up for welfare (again), the mother of 14 has inked a deal to shake her naked ta-tas (again) — but swears this is the last time.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she getting paid $20,000 to do a topless strip at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL. We’re told it’s all part of a deal she worked out with the lounge to settle their ongoing legal beef.

As TMZ previously reported, T’s sued Octo last year for breach of contract after she pulled out of a similar gig, claiming she wouldn’t strip after the employees trash-talked her to the media.

According to our sources, Nadya and T’s worked out a deal last month. We’re told the club agreed to drop the suit and Octo agreed to perform four paid shows in February (14th-16th). We’re told lap dances are not on the table … just stage dancing and bartending.

Gotta get their money’s worth.

This is it, friends. Get down to Florida this Valentine’s Day. Octomom will make it worth your while.

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  • My heart breaks for those poor kids !!!!! I can’t believe they haven’t been taken away from her !!!!!!! She does not take care of them at all !!!! She neglected them since day one !!!!!! Read some of the report on her abusing them !!!!!!! She locks them in a room with a chair jammed under the door knob so they can’t get out !!!!! Read some of them they will make you sick !!!! Last she got a large sum of money for her **** pictures she spent it all on her self !!!! She got hair extensions that cost thousands of dollars !!!!

  • I know as a single, straight woman with no real desire to see boobs other than maybe my own, this is EXACTLY how I want to spend Valentine’s Day (this is not how I want to spend Valentine’s Day). I am so depressed, you guys.

    Can anybody tell the guy who used to work in the bank in my building to please give me a deep tissue massage on Valentine’s Day, preferably naked… or maybe with just his shirt off? Would that be okay?

    • To be fair, I can’t imagine anyone a strip club would be a valid destination for on Valentine’s Day.

      I mean … could there be ANY better sign of loser-tastic maleness (or striperness) than to be dateless on Valentine’s Day AND IN A STRIP CLUB?!

      Is there an easier day to get a date? Christmas?

      Anyway NP, if you have his number and first name I’d be happy to convince him to do so.

      Of course, he’d need some leafy Birch tree branches, chocolates (or grapes or fruit wedges if you’re on a diet), candles, incense, nice music, candied rose petals, (a very good) wine, you get the idea.

      He’d also need to be dressed in a towel, so you could have your choice of outcomes.

      It would also be good if he could assist you through a Yoga workout while naked too. (Trust me … that would light your fire for sure.) The stretch would make you feel great!

      For me, I used to have Bosco’s Chocolate syrup warmed up and soothing new-age or classical music along with the above.

      (Did you know of or have you had a hot chocolate massage? I recommend them highly.)

      Oh. Also a (real) fur glove. Nothing heightens skin sensation like a good fir stroke.

      I used to perform said ritual on my (ex) wife at first and later farm (part! of) it off to a salon near us. Not on our Valentine’s day though.

      I made Valentine’s Day an all day adventure for her and a different surprise every year.

      You deserve every bit of that, so find this guy and hammer a friend of yours into getting him to put up.

      You’ve been a wonderful woman, right? So why can’t you have Christmas twice a year?

      • No one wants to hear about your sick private life !!!!! There is something seriously wrong with you and maybe that’s why you have an x wife !!!! You need to get help and a life !!!! Trust me no one in their right mind would take relationship advice from a sicko like you so do us all a favor and keep your advice to yourself or at least wait and tell your shrink your thought because if you don’t have one you diffidently need one !!!!

      • LOL

        That was an interesting reaction. :)

        It is good that you express your anger at me. The fact that you obviously had or have an issue with Valentine’s day shouldn’t provoke such ire.

        I’m sorry about that. Also, if you’re having a bad day, I’m sorry.

        And my ex is my ex because she was an unmedicated Bipolar and difficult to deal with. Not because of anything I did. We parted on good terms.

        I’m also uncertain why you felt my (admittedly nostalgic) rambling was “sick”. That statement, to borrow your therapy line, says more about the speaker, generally.

        Of course, I do apologize if you’re an exotic dancer and plan to work Valentines. That was a rather crude shot, I suppose.

        Or if you do not currently have a date.

        That was short-sighted of me.

      • The more you talk the crazier you sound !!! I really feel sorry for you :( and just like a loser to always blame the crazy ex very classic :) if you left on good term them way are telling the whole world her business ? Get a life !!!!

      • The more you talk the crazier you sound !!! I really feel sorry for you :( and just like a loser to always blame the crazy ex very classic :) if you left on good terms then why are you telling the whole world her business ? Get a life !!!!

      • I’m beginning to enjoy this whole fanship thing!

        You actually made me grin! (no kidding. Actually grin.)

        I mean, do you actually realize that you blurted about my ex? Do you realize that I was answering your response?

        I don’t really care though. You really do improve my mood.

        Keep up the great work! =)

        And, your relentless apostrophe forests are catching on!

        ROAH !!!(!)

      • @ Chaz

        Well, yeah. And spelling, punctuation, elucidation of coherent ideas.

        *happy sigh*

        I do love them so.

      • Sadly, it seems to have started when most schools chose to stop teaching cursive writing. Couple that with the fact most states are hellbent on adopting the “common core” standards, the educational prospects for public schools are, at best, bleak. Unless, of course, you want your child to become a mindless worker bee working for corporate America.

      • Ugg. Public schools sucked badly when *I* was a kid.

        That was a good while ago.

        You can add to your sorrowful list “everyone’s a winner”. That is also a crime against children.

        And no corporal punishment. Children need to learn SOME discipline.

        It is solidly proven in a good number of studies that telling a challenged kid they’re smart REDUCES their academic ability.

        Not to mention forcing challenged kids into standard (or *horror* gifted) classes throws down everyone else too.

        The building block skill (reading) is THE most valuable skill. You have to be able to read to do pretty much anything else.

        From reading follows logic, wherein you deduce what you’ve read. Following this likely mathematics and then whatever.

        I recommend classical drama (to teach socialization) followed by science, art, and athletics evenly.

        Religion should be introduced at the elementary school level as well. This should include a large number of choices including those which are currently “non-religious” such as atheism.

        If the child finds something they enjoy, then the parents should encourage them.

        By the time elementary (in standard ed) school is finished, talents and interests (vital) should be able to be picked out.

        From (currently) Jr High on, each step would be aimed towards the child’s aptitude and learning.

        At each step, those with social or mental issues (challenges in the PC blather) would be ducted into programs to alleviate or channel proclivities.

        However, with such a program, mankind would grow and flourish. Crime would ramp downward. Society would change dramatically, I imagine.

        As I was sitting here typing this, I glanced up at what I had written originally and noticed that I used fir instead of fur right after the correct one.

        Oh well. A spiel as usual.

      • On the plus side, my oldest, a product of public education,just scored a 201 on his first PSAT as a sophomore, I’d have been happy with a 150. This score puts him in the running as a National Merit Scholar. He is also a 2 sport varsity athlete. Proud father here!!!

      • And that sounds like your kid is exceptionally talented.

        A 201 is a pretty good score and NMSQT is tough. I wouldn’t consider 150 good.

        I believe 201 is in the top 2%. In some places it puts him in the top 1%.

        If he’s looking at college, and you want a good one, I’d do Kaplan. They’re pretty good and fairly cheap. The tutored course starts at $1.5k. Of course, this gives him experience and training for the SAT/ACT too.

        To have a good shot at being in the top 20k out of 1.5m, he’d need a score above 220, likely. This is doable for him with a couple of months of study.

        Steve Ballmer, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Jerry Greenfield were all chosen.

        OTOH multiple varsity sports means the kid is athletically inclined too. That’s another (or additional) path he can choose.


        You should be a proud father.

    • Its the low end of the scale for qualifying. While a 150 isn’t great, it would put him above 58-59% of juniors taking the test. It will be a great baseline for his future testing. California and NY start at 217 I believe. Kaplan is on radar for this summer, between rugby and soccer seasons. Thank you for the kind words, I am a lucky man with both of my sons!

  • i am very sick of her face. i read octomom first time she have babies. but i think she would not have the publicity for long. i ignore her new story boring. it is very strange she still get the attention