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Quotables: Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Like Taylor Swift All That Much

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No. No … Just back off. I don’t keep up with it all, but Taylor Swift writes songs about everyone she goes out with, right? [I probably] wouldn’t even know who she was [if my son brought her home]. ‘Sam, You Piece of S**t.’ Oh … that was the girl you brought home.

—Michael J. Fox on telling his son “no f-cking way” if it came down to dating Taylor Swift.

Burned by Marty McFly? Does it get any worse than that? Somehow I don’t think so.

… Tuck your teeth in, Taylor. You’re starting to look silly.

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  • Like I needed another reason to like Michael J Fox, but I’ll take it. That’s an extreme statement for him

  • Oh, so that what that crack was about at the awards show, ‘don’t date Michael Fox’s son’. Very funny. And all too true. Everyone’s waiting for her next release to see how she trashes the lastest discard. She didn’t go after the Kennedy kid, did she? I’m not a fan, as you can tell.

  • Direct hit. Taylor’s formula is “outed” by Michael J. Fox. If he knows – everyone knows. Goodbye Taylor. Change your game or face a boycott. People think you’re MEAN, girl. :D LOL. Yay!

  • It’s obvious, Michael J Fox should look more at his own personal life instead of condemning others. I don’t know much about Taylor Swift’s personal life but like every other braindead liberal out of Hollywood who’s trying to salvage a fading career, Michael should concentrate more on his acting and less on trying to slander someone else. As I recall, Michael J Fox was more than willing to kill unborn babies, just to save his sorry ass.Michael, life deals us all hands that are difficult to handle. Some more than others. But how could you ask that an embryo, a living thing, be destroyed, just so that you might be able to live life a little easier. Have you ever considered the possibility that the very embryo that you would like destroyed, is the one that holds the knowledge to cure parkinsons, or cancer. Michael, I think you are a very good and accomplished actor. I enjoy watching you in your movies, but, remember who gave you that talent. And who has the power to take it away. Michael, I’ve written several songs myself in the past. A songwriter doesn’t create a situation personally so they can write a song about it. they write about heartaches and heartbreaks because of love. Some people get lucky. Some don’t. If you listen to Taylors songs, you will find that there is a lot of pain in them. I’m sure that the editors or whatever, will trim this monolog of mine down to a small exerpt that praises you and condemns Taylor Swift. That would be far fron the truth. Michael, I don’t know what your religious beliefs are. I don’t even know if you have any. You are very well off. Why should you benefit from the slander of someone else, just to get your fading name into print again,or from the murder of the most helpless,an embryo, just so you can read a few more lines from some script.If you’ve been following medical science, you will have realized the advancements made with adult stem cells, and the utter failure or embryotic stem cells. But you and your liberal buddies all seem hell bent on killing the most helpless in our society. Just for your own selfish needs! Your response to the question concerning Taylor Swift should have been “no comment” Be careful Michael, GOD is listening!

    • Buddy, shut the hell up! This is not a place to be bringing an ill-informed political rant. Embryonic stem-cell research stirred up unnecessary controversy because the embryos that could save the life of a CONSCIOUS human were given by WILLING DONORS! Here’s the thing, genius, when couples are unable to conceive naturally, they provide a clinic with fertilized eggs (plural) because they understand that not every embryo is viable or can develop into a fetus. Many are discarded naturally (perhaps because God deems it fine to terminate early pregnancies, something you idiots never like to address), or are wasted because there is no need for them.

      So, if we are to take a logical approach to this matter, would it not be more sensible to use an embryo that would otherwise be doomed to remain in a freezer indefinitely before being tossed in the trash – to save the life of another human who may die from his/her condition, or do you sanctimonious Rep’s feel more noble in denying treatment to a patient because using a cluster of cells that carry human potential might save a life? You’re not pro-life, you’re just a sanctimonious twit, and like the rest of us, you can’t pretend to know what God really approves of…although I’m sure He/She is getting pretty fed up with Taylor Swift’s mediocre and mean-spirited music too.

    • Hehe don’t you guys think it’s funny that Gary here thinks he’s really communicating with Michael j fox on here :-D It’s like when people pray to God on Titter. Dear God please give Gary a chill pill. Amen.

  • Taylor has been acting like a prostitute since John Mayer. She don’t act innocent. She did say she was gonna write songs about every guy and her No#1 hits have been successful off of men breakups. SHowing she tends to feed off man hating. She is lesbian also. Slam the hell out of her! She acts out to much for media attention.

  • Just think, I used to like that S.O.B. If her boyfriends don’t want to be written about in a song, DON’T HURT HER.
    She is a different type of personthan we are used to and if
    we don’t understand that, well there is something wrong with us.

  • Hay Kat…….. I’m an independent and am also Pro-Life—so don’t give all the credit to Republicians.

  • Get a life people i stumbled on to this site, and find you all are are losers, dont hate cause they got more money than u yeah cause they say and do fuk up things its the end of the world