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Let’s Talk About Britney Spears’ Breakup Again

A photo of Britney Spears

Look, I need you guys to get real with me for a minute: do you care this much about Britney Spears‘ broken engagement? Because I really do. I think it’s super interesting, and I’ve always been curious about the creepy specifics of her conservatorship. What I’m saying is that I’d love to talk about this story whenever there are new rumors out, but if it’s too much, I’m willing to listen to you guys. How much do you want to hear about Britney?

Anyway, here are more details about what happened. It’s from People, so know that it’s probably legit:

Britney Spears once believed in a fairy-tale ending for herself and Jason Trawick. But by mid-December, she was no longer wearing her engagement ring, and she knew it just wasn’t going to happen, a source close to her family tells PEOPLE.

“Britney spent Christmas in L.A. with [sons] Preston and Jayden. Jason was around for parts of the holiday, but it was very obvious that they were not really together anymore,” the source says.

“They were not affectionate and instead just seemed to keep things going for the boys’ sake. Britney looked a bit gloomy and tense over the holidays.”

Trawick, 41, moved out after the holidays, and the couple officially announced their split last Friday.

Having dated her former agent since 2009,and been engaged for a year, Spears, 31, had been talking a lot about her wedding last summer. “But lately she acted like she knew it would not happen,” the source says. “She hasn’t talked about her wedding plans in a couple of months.”

That was quite a change from the early months of her engagement, when Spears was very focused on wedding planning. “She would spend hours online looking at dresses and dreaming,” says the source.

Another source says the pair’s problems were significant enough that they had never set a wedding date.

“Britney wanted to rush in, but there were things that needed to improve before they got to that place,” this source says.

“They love each other, but like any relationship, and especially this one, there were some major challenges and hurdles and constant work that needed to be done. At the end of the day, it just wasn’t working, and things were’t going to change, so it was time to let go.”

I think this story sort of goes against the story about how Jason had to enlist Britney’s dad to help in the breakup, don’t you? Like, this story makes it sound like Britney is actually aware of what’s going on around her. I could see a mixture of the two stories being true – like Britney understood what was happening, but her conservators are trying their best to keep her as dependent on them as possible, so they treated her much more delicately than they needed to – so that’s good, I guess.

Poor Britney.