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Courtney Stodden’s New ‘Reality’ Stills Are the Hotness

photo of courtney stodden reality shoot pictures
Oh guys. I just don’t even know about this day. I kind of give up already, if that’s just alright with you. See, I had to put my dog of twenty-one years (you know who he is) down today, and while Courtney Stodden normally cheers me up in any situation, I just don’t even feel like it this evening. I thought three bowls of Rice Krispies and a cupcake and skipping Zumba tonight might brighten my spirits a bit, but that’s not working, either.

So you know what I’m going to do? I’m just going to leave these photos right here for you, because honestly, regardless of my personal situation, these photos need to be seen. It’s good to know that though things change and change and change, some things—like celebrity gossip duty and valor—don’t budge a bit. Enjoy.

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  • Hey Sunshine, I’ve no words to help. Just know I’m sorry for your loss. Two things usually help me….. Fig Newtons and a good single malt scotch…..really great when you dunk the newtons!!! Or equal parts cherry Garcia ice cream and Irish cream, really good when you mix them together!

  • I’m sorry about your dog. :(

    Courtney has let us down in these pics today. They do look like stills from an X-rated movie.

  • Sorry about your doggy. Rum chata and coffee is pretty damn good, too. Makes the morning a little bit more tolerable.

  • Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I loved that Katie Holmes post where you put his face on a camel, Britney Spears and Chris Brown. He looked well loved.

  • I feel your pain. I know what it’s like to “grow up” with a long-lived pet and how the grief hits hard when they die. Don’t let anybody tell you that these venerable creatures aren’t family members. After you drink the scotch, use the bottle to hit them in the head.

  • Hi Sarah. I’m so sorry about your dog. A lot of people who have loved a pet (myself included) will admit that they loved their dog/cat more than some of their own relatives. Any time we have with them is never enough, but if you loved that dog to pieces, then you know he lived a good life. Hang in there, and when you’re ready, there will be another pup waiting for someone to love it.

    As for Courtney, I’m becoming more and more convinced that she’s a fem-bot, and that Doug had to go through all his savings to have her built (by Tokyo’s finest). Ugh, just, no!

  • Oh sarah, I’m really sorry for your lost. :(

    But… Gosh! Courtney looks like a tran doing a shemale-porn!

  • Sarah I’m sorry about your dog! I lost my Siamese cat three years ago and I still miss and cry over her! I know this isn’t for everyone but I need my pets so right away I went out and got two Siamese kittens which are now cats! I love them so much and they fill that void but I will never ever forget my baby!!

  • She’s the skeeviest. Anyone else reminded of Jessica Chastain’s character in The Help? Only minus the sweet nature, good intentions, and sincerity.

  • No! Well, that sucks. I am very sorry about your dog. If I could send you my lunatic yellow lab for a few days that might either cheer you up or make you decide to wait on getting another dog. We had to put down our first lab two years ago and I still get weepy at the thought of her even though we have a new dog. That is a member of your family, so you have my deepest condolences and sympathy.