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The Worst, Best, and Rest of the 2013 Golden Globes Fashion

photo of adele at the golden globes pictures

Guys! Golden Globes fashion! It’s that time of year that we live for!

Here we have the five best dressed, the five worst dressed, and all the rest, too, because when I say that I think Sienna Miller had an awful, awful hot mess of a frock on, I mean it, but hey. You might not.

Here’s the best:

#5 – Megan Fox

photo of megan fox at the golden globes pictures

#4 – Lea Michele

photo of lea michele on the golden globes pictures

#3 – Emily Blunt

photo of emily blunt pictures golden globes

#2 – Marion Cotillard

photo of marion cotillard pictures

#1 – Jennifer Lawrence

photo of jennifer lawrence golden globes pictures

And they are all so, so beautiful. Want to see some not-so-beautiful fashion? You’re in luck, because I had a hard time narrowing it down to just the five shittiest:

#5 – Nicole Richie

#4 – Claire Dane

#3 – Taylor Swift

#2 – Jessica Chastain

#1 – Sienna Miller

Keep a special eye out in the gallery for Miss Hayden Panettiere … ’cause she went and f-cked her face up hardcore, too.

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  • My eyes are overwhelmed…where to begin!!!

    Why did so many women sport greasy-looking hair??? Ew.

    Sienna’s frock could have been cool if it was a different color–solid color, perhaps? and if all of those ridiculous doilies that her grandmom made were torn off of it.

    Nicole’s dress was pretty, but maybe too matronly. She’s a “fashion designer/maven”, right? Um,I can’t tell that by looking at her.

    Jessica Chastain–gross hair and her boobs looked droopy because of the dress. Her face and hair actually reminded me of that scary picture of Nicole Kidman that was posted on EB a few days ago.

    Jennifer Lawrence looked great, as did Zooey and Jennifer Garner (who I usually am totally bored by–both JG and Zooey).

    I loved how Eva Longoria did the stupid Angelina-leg-thing. Stupid.

    JLo’s body is amazing in that dress, but that dress is trashy.

  • Lea Michele needs to step away from the tanning bed and the bronzer. She looks like she works for Willy Wonka.

    I cannot believe how tiny Megan Fox is!

  • Sarah, GIRL..
    I don’t know if this was supposed to be a joke but..
    Jennifer Lawrence, as beautiful as she is, looked awful in that dress. Her tits were literally MOUNTED in that dress. It was such an awful fit. I think you overlooked Anne Hathaway in Chanel by a LONG SHOT. She was undoubtedly the best dressed of the night – it’s really not even a debate.
    I feel like you ultimately based this list off of your personal feelings for these girls..
    If you don’t know labels/fashion/how to dress for the red carpet, you should stick to your witty commentary. You’re funny as shit but this.. this is not a joke.

    • Nope, I just based my selections off of the dresses I happened to like the best. I actually really like Jennifer Lawrence in this getup – I think she pulls it off pretty well. :)

    • Gotta agree. Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is worse than Taylor Swift’s. At least Taylor’s fits correctly and doesn’t have that awful metallic band.

  • I don’t have any strong feelings on lea michelle’s dress. I think it looks ok but not something worth talking/bragging about. Same with the jennifer lawrence, as much as i love her, I think a lot of ironing needs to be done on her dress. Marion looks lovely as usual but I feel like Claire Danes should take her spot on the best dressed list.

    I love the gown of jennifer garner, tina fey and julianne hough

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