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Stars Without Makeup: Jessica Simpson Lets It All Hang Out

photo of jessica simpson pictures no makeup pregnancy photos
There’s not a whole lot to this picture, other than “Hey! Jessica Simpson‘s not wearing any makeup and look! BOOBS,” because what’s really better than seeing celebrities without makeup on and oh, of course, boobs? I’ve got your answer in case the wheels were still turning on that one: nothing. The answer would be “nothing.”

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  • Everyone loves boobs. Men, women, children, gays and straight, everyone loves boobs. However, I agree with Mister J – this is not boobs, this is a hot mess.

  • Well, I guess I’ll be the 2nd second.

    That picture gives me the shakes.

    This is not good nor hot IMO. This is just scary.

  • Jessica, i fear, will not bounce back after the second baby. She haven’t given her body enough time in between pregnancys. Poor Jess.

    • Purses the size of a VW and unbuttoned long shirts and lots of black do not equal bouncing back. She lost maybe 1/2 of the weight she had gained before baby#2. Now, she’s just going to continue bouncing like a beachball at a concert forever. If this picture could be captioned, I would write: Jabba in drag with off-spring.

  • I’ve seen a 300 pound woman lose a shit ton of weight and bounced back, no loose skin or anything and she looked great in the end. Just means you have to work extremely hard to look good, but that is only if you truly want it. People who rag on someone they don’t know and say things like “she won’t bounce back” are the type of people who make themselves feel better by judging others. I’m sure a lot of these commenters are a bunch of trolls.

    • I guess I would be a troll if I “wished” that she didn’t bounce back…but I didn’t. And you’re judging us, so what does that make you ? An asshole.

  • I think she will lose all the weight and then some. I bet Papa Joe got her another deal with weight watchers and this time they made sure to specify exactly how much weight she has to loose.

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