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SADFACE: Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Broke Up

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

Well, this sucks. You want to know what sucks more? The fact that this story comes from People, so you know it’s probably true. This sucks.

The report says that Jennifer Lawrence “has split from her longtime boyfriend,” Nicholas Hoult, which maybe makes it sound like she’s the one who broke up with him? I can’t imagine it being the other way around. Like, I really can’t see anyone looking at Jennifer Lawrence and saying “I don’t want any more access to your boobs.” Or even “I don’t want to be able to hang out with you all the time anymore.” Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. Who would break up with her?!

But then again, Nicholas Hoult is cute as a button. And did you see Skins? If not, everybody take a break, watch Skins, and then let me know how this guy and Jennifer Lawrence weren’t one of the most stealthily amazing couples of our time. I AM HEARTBROKEN!

In happier news, Jennifer Lawrence looked really, really amazing last night:

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence

She’s single and probably not ready to mingle yet, guys. Do you think Miley Cyrus is getting worried?

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