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Eddie Cibrian May or May Not Be Cheating on LeAnn Rimes With a Former Mistress

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Have you guys ever heard of a lady by the name of Scheana Marie Jancan? If you read all of our LeAnn Rimes posts and you know about a certain commenter by the handle of ‘Guest’, then you probably did. Guest has long talked about this Scheana Marie Jancan chick and her role in the breakup of Eddie‘s first marriage to Brandi Glanville, and now the possible role in his second marriage (he was only ever married twice, right? There’s not some crazy third or fourth or fifth woman in the picture here who’s going to jump into this off-balance fray anytime soon, is there?).

Radar Online has an exclusive interview with this Scheana Marie Jancan, who is a waitress in Los Angeles, and who basically admits to being the other woman—at one point—in Eddie’s life while involved with LeAnn Rimes. In the interview, Scheana says about the early courting days between Eddie and her, “As months go by, Eddie gets separated. He then contacts me to go out for drinks. … I believed he was separated, so I was happy to go out with him again. But shortly into trying to hang out with him I find out about LeAnn, and I felt like such an idiot!” Needless to say, he was “dating” Scheana at the same time he was embarking on an affair with LeAnn.

However, Scheana claims that there’s nothing going on at this point: “I have no interest in talking to him again,” Scheana says, and claims that the two haven’t spoken in “years.”


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  • If she was dating Eddie while he was romancing Leann, I don’t see the problem. It sounds like when she first dated Eddie , she was unaware of his marriage to Brandi…so Eddie is a asshole, right? We all new that. Now if leann is afraid he will cheat on her,( brawhahaha), she should be.

  • Saw this coming from a mile away. If he can cheat on his wife and the mother of his children, what’s stopping him from cheating on a girl like LeAnn? The lust is fading…

  • You forgot to give a shout out to CHAZ/CAS, what’s a Leann Rimes thread without him/her playing the victim and calling me names!

      • And you are starting already? Well Radaronline did release another negative article about Leann, so it’s not surprising that you are back to your old tricks again!

      • @MEH

        And yet hours or days before a negative article about Leann is set to be released, it’s the same 4 or 5 “people” going berserk here.

        Now why would people think that some of you are the same person? Could it possibly be that the posts that CHAZ has been leaving here since Wednesday on this site are the same posts that Cran Apple Snapple left on The Superficial? I only knew about The Superficial because someone showed up over the weekend obsessing over a poster who posts on that site.

  • Scheana’s exclusive interview to Radaronline isn’t new news though. Her recent interview to ROL just confirms what Life and Style wrote in 2009 (Life and Style: Eddie is cheating on LeAnn already!-Nov 4, 2009) before they were bullied by Leann’s. I mean “Eddie’s” lawyers into silence. “Eddie”(aka Leann) threw a tantrum and told TMZ that “Eddie” was suing Life and Style for 1 million dollars for saying that Eddie hooked up with Scheana while he was committed to Leann(TMZ: Eddie Cibrian Sues Mag Over LeAnn-Nov 19, 2009). Leann does a great job at documenting all of her actions, so the information is out there for all to see. I suspected that a negative article was coming out really soon because of what happened here on Wednesday.

    Leann is really flipping out over Radaronline’s interview with Scheana. She keeps tweeting that it was the past that never happened and that they(she and Eddie) have been living new beginnings for a very long time. Which is odd because if Scheana was the past that never happened, then there would be no need for a new beginning, right?

    Star mag/Radaronline released another article today. Did Leann forget to pay Star/ROL this month? Start released another article about how Leann bribed Eddie with a new house. Which shouldn’t be new news to Star/ROL considering the daily staged photos of Eddie making out with Leann while they were in Cabo.

    How long before Eddie’s other mistresses come forward or has Leann been in “18 hours of business meetings” trying to keep them quiet?

    • If LeAnn is having eighteen hours of business meetings to keep affairs quiet, she’s even more pathetic than I originally thought (which was a lot to begin with).

  • Have you SEEN Vanderpump Rules??? Those people are DISGUSTING human beings! They are all soul-less narcissistic egomaniacs. There is not ONE endearing quality in ANY of them…it is truly sad that these are the representatives of the “20 something” set that Bravo chooses to put on the air because all they care about is themselves and their desire to be famous. I’m SO over the “haters gonna hate cuz i’m HOT” attitude…it made me ill. I hope this show flops horribly.

  • So after Radaronline releases their exclusive with Scheana and then another article about how Leann is trying to bribe Eddie with a mansion, this is the horoscope that appeared on Leann’s timeline today: “Saturday, January 12, 2013 – If there are issues in your love life that need to be brought out into the open, today may be your lucky day. Just be considerate and express your desires in a rational way that demonstrates your compassionate spirit rather than a selfish attitude. Sparks might fly, but everything should work out as long as you speak from the heart, maintain integrity and act in a kindly matter. The outcome could be more pleasing than you expect.”

    Leann, the woman who had no qualms about throwing a 13 yo child under the bus to save herself, is rational, considerate, compassionate, and kind? The outcome Leann is hoping for: Eddie stops sleeping with other woman, Lizzy isn’t allowed to go tag along with Eddie and Leann anymore, Eddie gives in and agrees to have a baby with Leann, Eddie goes along with the staged pda photo-ops she has planned for this weekend without having to be bribed to do it?

    • I read a lot of comments here but rarely ever comment myself and don’t really visit other gossip sites, I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to this stuff. But I did notice “guest” going off on long winded personal rants when it comes to LeAnn and I happened to be bored one day after school so I wrote that comment about how it seems like “guest” either knows LeAnn or Brandi (or is a friend of someone who does) and is way too involved and cares more than your average commenter on the site. I just made up that name Anonomon (not even sure how many nonononms I added I just randomly typed I got it from 4chan (I’m a gamer) where everyone posts as Anon for Anonymous) and just checked back today and saw all that crazy ass drama that unfolded! I cant believe I caused all of that over one comment to “guest”, who really knows how to blow shit out of proportion and cause a lot of unneccessary drama, huh? After reading a bunch of comments from “guest”, I really truly thought it was Brandi herself or a friend and wanted to ask other readers if they thought the same. I didn’t intend to cause such a big dramatic reaction (clearly I was unaware of “guest’s” paranoia and need to blame others instead of just admitting that she in fact does have some sort of deep concern for the LeAnn/Brandi drama). This has nothing to do with negative LeAnn articles or Brandi, just an observation of a woman gone mad over someone else’s love life.

      It’s hysterical to see “guest” swear up and down that it was some “stalker poster” and that it happens whenever a negative LeAnn article is about to come out! That right there shows how insane this “guest” person really is that she couldn’t possibly fathom the fact that it could just be a random nobody commenting.. that it has to be someone from LeAnns camp LOFUCKINGL I swear on my family that I’m just a chick from NJ/NY area who knows nothing about LeAnn or the stalking poster I’m just a reader on this site who pointed out “guest’s” obsession bc I can and it only took ten minutes to do so.

      Guest will most likely quote half of my comment and add her own remarks in there (making her response really confusing) and tell me how taking the time to read all of the posts is being just as obsessed (if thats even possible) and defeats the purpose of telling her she’s obsessing (from what Ive read this seems to be her usual plan of action after getting dissed) but come on.. I only read the comments here and there.. “guest” goes out of her way to rant and rave about LeAnn Rimes like it’s her goddamned job! BIG DIFFERENCE. It took me ten minutes to write this up, I’m just laying around tonight so yea, I did take the time to write this! Doesn’t mean I’m like you all obsessed over LeAnn and Brandi!!

      Hahah and I love how people here are commenting on “guests” said craziness to which she replies with EVEN MORE LeAnn gossip wow what a nut, huh? And I’m willing to prove my identity to put an end to her crazy ass paranoia swearing its some man who stalks gossip sites (lol) by posting my Facebook page (which is mostly private) and I will leave a little message for “guest” in the about me section to prove I’m just some hot metal chick from NJ, who thought it would be funny to call “guest” out on her crazy LeAnne hate, if needed. Just ask and you shall recieve :)

      • @Anonononomon/anonymous/anonamonn

        Here are the problems with your logic:

        Says the person who just took the time and energy to write yet another long winded rant about me and who is so obsessed with me that she is talking about leaving posts on FB to me. This “anon” person goes out of her way to rant and rave about anyone who doesn’t like LeAnn Rimes like it’s her job! Oh wait…didn’t Radaronline write an article stating that one of Leann’s ex-fans admitted that Leann sends her fans to twitter and these sites to make comments, telling them exactly what to say and write? It’s not paranoia or blowing things out of porportion, especially when one of her own fans admits that Leann reads what is being posted about her and then sends them to comment on her behalf!

        So because it only took you 10 min to write a 4 paragraph long winded post to me, you are not obsessed, way too involved, or care more than the average commentor? What type of logic is that? So then by “anon’s” logic, if it takes me less than 10 minutes to write my posts, then I am not obsessed. “Anon” needs to stop blaming me and Brandi, and just admit that she in fact does have some sort of deep concern for the LeAnn/Brandi drama.

        I was told that Paragraph #1 is the very same thing you wrote on several other sites. According to what I was told, your MO is posing as a longterm lurker who decided to comment for the very first time because you were “bored” either because you were sick with the flu/cold or you were taking a break from studying. The key features of your “I’m a longterm lurker turned first time poster” posts are: you state that you don’t know anything about Leann, are appalled by the Leann “hate/obsession” or “vitriol” expressed against Leann, use the word paranoia over and over, target specific people which indicates that you are keeping a very close eye on that person, and then argue that it’s Brandi or one of her friends posting. Since paragraph #1 is the very same thing you have written over and over on other sites, we know that you are not just reading like you claim.

        I was also told that Paragraphs # 3 and 4 are the very same comments that you made on Perez H as “Tammy”. If you don’t like the fact that people quote your comments and then add in remarks about you, then think before you post. If you are using a proxy, proving your identity based on what you post on FB means nothing. BTW I have also heard that Leann’s fans hijack people’s FB and twitter accounts and then pass the accounts off as their own. And now you are offended because someone points out the obvious, that your comments defeat your purpose. Of course you are confused…

        Hahah and I love how people here and other sites are commenting on “ANON(aka Tammy’s)” said craziness to which she replies with EVEN MORE Brandi hate posts or posts insisting that people are either paranoid or overreacting, wow what a nut, huh? That right there shows how insane this “ANON” person really is that she couldn’t possibly fathom the fact that people see through her comments. It’s hysterical to see “ANON” swear up and down that she is just a longterm lurker who just reads on this site especially when she has made this comment on several other sites, argue that it’s everyone else who is obsessed, and then try to deflect because people noticed the pattern(Watch what happens when an extremely negative article about Leann comes out or it’s closer and closer to RHOBH/SUR airing).

        This has everything to do with the negative articles about Leann. Look at what brought you out last time and now. I must have hit too close to home when I said that Leann was gearing up to release a staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids.

      • @Anonononomon

        This is what Leann tweeted today: “Reality….NO SUR! Lol ”

        Why is Leann tweeting about SUR? Not only is she tweeting about SUR, but Leann is targeting specific people on twitter. Those people will make a comment and then Leann makes a snide remark to them about their comment, it’s like she is stalking their timeline.

        Leann also tweeted about loving her neighborhood and going sledding in LA, I sincerely hope that she didn’t invite the AKM-GSI to get photos of them in their neighborhood or where ever they were sledding today. Who am I kidding? Leann is a famewhore and tomorrow RHOBH and SUR are airing new episodes, so you know that Leann has some outrageous stunt prepared for Monday and Tuesday.

        Why don’t you just tell us, what type of negative article about Leann is about to hit the internet within the next 2 weeks?

      • @Chaz, lol my hair is not high at all I’m 27 years old and my hair is more like Morticia Adams :)

        @Guest, I am from NJ NOT FL and my name is NOT TAMMY!! Wtf you can’t prove that and just bc you think it doesn’t make it true!! I can’t believe my one post caused so much drama all I can do is sit back and laugh everytime you all accuse me of being someone else! I don’t know what else to say, you will forever say I’m someone I’m not and swear up and down that I posted on different sites etc.. Please, send me links to these so called comments that are exactly the same as I’ve written above but in other sites!! In curious to see how EXACT these comments are. Lord knows you have the time..

      • @Anonomonononmania

        Says the person who came back and made how many more paragraphs to and about me today? So then what does that say about you? That you have the time? And just like clockwork you are back again!

        You wrote this very same thing on several other sites, only you said your name was Tammy and that you lived in FL.

        Yes we can prove it. What you posted here is the very same thing you stated on several other sites, the only thing that changes is your name and the place where you are from.

        Yes you can believe that your ONE post, which you have made on several other sites, caused so much drama for you. What, you weren’t expecting people to compare notes?

        Why do Leann fans always say that they are sitting back and laughing? Perhaps to save face because they can’t come up with anything to dispel the truth?

        And yet you wrote how many more paragraphs today?

        If you don’t want people to call you out for posting under all those different names, then don’t write the same thing that several people witnessed you saying on several other sites.

        Didn’t you make the same comment about providing proof on that Ginger Hines twitter account of yours?

  • @CHAZ

    Hot Metal Chick(aka Tammy) said that she was from Florida when she wrote the very same comment(paragraphs 3 and 4) on Perez Hilton!

    • Haha wowweewww seriously you are all goddam crazy! I do t read Perez Hilton, I’m not named Tammy and I do not know LeAnn!!! I seriously read this site about once a week, depending in how just I get and I can’t control she. Negative LeAnn articles come out bc in all honesty.. all articles about her are negative and they come out every other day!! No one hacked my account nor have I hacked anyone’s.. You could even check my page as I correspond without time friends who know me and make comments about how we just hung out the day before and converse with me about said hangouts!! I only mentioned the FB thing not bc I am “stalking” you, but just as a way o prove I’m not this Chaz man or a crazy ass gossip reader.. CHRIST you really know how to blow shit out of proportion.

      I really have even a long time reader and not much of a poster.. I don’t know what else to say about this other than you are nuts to come up with such crazy ass theories saying I’m five different posters on three different sites etc.. I’m just gonna bak away slowly and never comment about this again bc BITCH YOU GOT MENTAL PROBLEMS you put together weird ass shit like using the word “paranoid” too often and thinking I am WHAT I’M NOT!

      And no, taking ten min to post doesn’t make me obsessed, you writing five thousand posts about Leann/Brandi is what make you crazy!!

      • Stupid autocorrect on my iPhone changed a bunch of words. I don’t* read Perez.
        Depending on how busy* I get and I can’t control how many negative articles come out*
        I correspond all the time* with my friends* about how we just hung out the day before so that proves it hasn’t been hacked

        I can’t prove that I’m not Chaz or Tammy or who ever the hell else you say I am and you can’t prove shit about me so there is no point arguing forever about this. All I wanted to say originally was that this “guest” poster is FUCKIN OBSESSED WITH LEANN bitch you need to get a goddamn job and move on in life.. There’s more I life then Leann’s twitter and outting EB posters in giant conspiracy theories!! Crazy ass bitch!!

      • @Anonomonononmania

        Says the person who came back did what? Wrote 3 more posts about me. Seriously, you just defeated the purpose of your post! But then again Leann’s fans aren’t very bright.

        Why are you name calling and cursing? Because I hit the nail on the head. Based on what you wrote in paragraphs 3 and 4 of post @January 13, 2013 at 2:46 pm you do post on Perez.

        It’s apparent that you can’t control how many negative articles come out, hence why you show up here acting the way you do.

        All I wanted to say was that this “ANON” poster(who patrols various other sites writing this very same thing over and over) is FUCKIN OBSESSED WITH anyone who doesn’t like LEANN. ANON you need to get a goddamn job and move on in life instead of patrolling sites calling others “bitches”. There’s more in life than complaining because people comment on Leann’s twitter and name calling because you are being outting EB posters!! Crazy ass bitch!! Don’t you sit on twitter slamming the BBs for their “giant conspiracy theories”? You gotta love this Leann fan. She writes the same things over and over and then can’t figure out why people suspect of her acting as mutiple posters.

  • @Anonononomon

    Not only do you target people who comment on these blogs, you also target and go after blog writers. I was informed that the post you made @ January 13, 2013 at 2:46 pm is also the very same thing you wrote to a particular blogger after she wrote unfavorable articles about Leann and Eddie. 3 different “neutral” posters showed up on her blog slamming the blogger for being obsessed with Leann, only it wasn’t 3 different “neutral” posters, just one person using 3 different names! You gotta love these Leann fans.

    • Soooooo now and forever whenever there is more than one person slamming Leann or anti LeAnn posters on any site then its 100% always going to be the same poster?? Ever stop and think that JUST MAYBE more than one person have the same opinion and notice yor crazy ass rants?? And quit taking my words and responding with them in your own way like..

      JUST MAYBE you are Tammy who posted at 2:13am on Jan 1st of 2012 etc ..

      • Anonomonononmania

        I love when people like Anonomonononmania write posts about how everyone else is obsessed and then they come back and write 5 more posts doing exactly what they were trying to slam someone else on. And then Anonomonononmania just can’t understand why people would think that she/he is using all these different names and it’s not more than one person sharing the same opinion. You can’t even argue that it’s more one than one person sharing the same opinion because the blog owner who you attacked saw your ISP and that the 3 messages you left on her site about her being obsessed with Leann were coming from the same source.

        If you don’t like the fact that people use your words and respond with them in their own way, then think before you post. You are just upset because you were exposed for doing this on several other sites. You are your own worst enemy. Deflecting by saying that all anti-Leann people are the same person isn’t going to save you. Perhaps you should come up with a different crazy-ass rant, that way you won’t whine when people notice that it’s the same thing that you left on a particular site and send those comments to others!

  • I knew that Leann had some outrageous damage control stunt planned for this week. Leann didn’t release a staged “happy family” photo-op with Brandi’s kids and Eddie; no, she did much worse. She set up a “special” interview with Entertainment Tonight to talk about Brandi(and you know that this “talk” will include photos of Brandi’s kids just to spite Brandi) and her affair with Eddie. Just like E! and Katie & 20/20, ET is allowing Leann to use them as a platform to taunt Brandi with her own kids and gloat about her affair with Eddie. If Leann thought the backlash from what she did to Carly Rose was bad, then imagine how bad it’s going to be when her “special” ET interview airs. Who is advising Leann? It’s like this person is deliberately giving Leann bad advice. For Leann any publicity, isn’t good publicity. Yes, Leann gets people talking about her, but it never translates into what matters-sales and downloads(both the singles she released in Nov/Dec flopped after she tried to promote them by going on Leno and XFactor). In the end Leann has to pay/bully certain media outlets to write fluffpieces to compensate for this.

    Leann will also be performing “Borrowed” on Jimmy Kimmel next week because she is “living in the present, focusing on the future, and not wallowing in the past that didn’t happen”, right?What a great idea! Go on yet another reality tv show and sing a song about sleeping with another woman’s husband, after the world has been reintroduced to Scheana-the woman Eddie was sleeping with while his wife was pregnant with his 2nd child and the very same woman Life and Style says Eddie slept with in 2009 when he was supposed to be committed to Leann! Leann is her own worst enemy. And then she just can’t understand why the backlash against her continues to grow!

  • Anonomonononmania

    The more you post the more you hurt your argument. Why complain when people call you out when you are just going to go to twitter or another site and write the same exact thing that you posted here? You are on twitter today complaining about people saying that Leann is using mutiple twitter accounts to stalk and harass them. You are also on twitter whining about how people are commenting on Leann’s tweets, just like you did here.

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