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Love It or Leave It: Rihanna’s New Hair

photo of rihanna new long hair pictures
Ugh, finally: a post where we can talk solely about Rihanna, and have it have nothing at all to do with Chris Brown. This sure is a treasured moment, guys. No talking about how she and he slept together on New Year’s Eve, or how they totally think that gold leaf chair is real-ass gold, y’all; no half-nude photos of Rihanna posing while Chris holds the camera in one hand and his penis in the other … Nope, this post is going to be strictly about Rihanna and how she totally got a brand-new weave, and it’s because she wanted long, flowing hair. It had positively nothing to do with the fact that Chris Brown likes to choke women with their own hair, because Karreuche Tran could probably tell you all about that business anyway.

So hey! Rihanna’s new ‘do! Love it or leave it?

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