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Don’t Freak Out, But David Bowie Just Released A New Song

A photo of David Bowie

Oh my god, I’m kidding. FREAK OUT, AND FREAK OUT HARD. This is the moment that we’ve been waiting for for ten whole years. David Bowie, probably one of the greatest gifts the world has ever been given, is making music again. Here’s his brand new single:

It’s called “Where Are We Now,” obviously, and it’s the first single off his new album, The Next Day. The album, if you can even believe it, is set to be released in March. It’ll be his first album in literally ten years – his last, Reality, was released in 2003.

Oh, and did you remember that today is David Bowie’s birthday? What kind of wonderful, beautiful person gives the whole entire world such an amazing gift on his own birthday? I’ll tell you what kind: the kind that is about to make my whole entire life by making new music.

Who else is excited?!

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