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Katy Perry Would Really Like to Win An Oscar, Thanks

A photo of Katy Perry

From USA Today:

Katy Perry. Oscars. Visualize it.

The pop star is on the Academy’s short list of songs eligible for an Oscar nomination in the best original song category.

Perry penned the song Wide Awake for this summer’s concert film Katy Perry: Part of Me.

While the 28-year-old Perry has been nominated for nine Grammy awards, the Oscar nomination would be a very different honor.

“It’s like a dream’s dream,” Perry tells USA TODAY over e-mail. “When I was growing up and working on music, it was always a dream to win a Grammy, but Oscar was so far out of my dream sphere.”

“This would be a nomination of a completely different caliber,” Perry continues. “One that is more impressive than many other ones I’ve had. It’s interesting to step out of your playing field and to be recognized from a different angle. It would be an honor.”

The Academy will announce the five best songs, along with the rest of their nominations, on Jan. 10.

Perry vows that if she were to ever win an Oscar she would make the statue a permanent part of her world travels.

“I would never let it leave my side,” she writes. “I’d take it on tour and take pictures of it with me around the world.”

Either way, a nomination would be enough to get the flamboyant Perry on the most famous red carpet in Hollywood.

“If I had business being at the Oscars, I would make it my business to rock the red carpet,” Perry writes. “Basically I would dress like a winner.”

This is the world that we live in, friends. The world in which Katy Perry could feasibly win an Academy Award. I want you to think about that. I want you to take some time out of your day and reflect on that fact. What we as a society did to get us to this place. How we can start making changes so that nothing like this happens ever again.

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    • Wait, the AMPAS has credibility? Grammys and Oscars are nothing but the industry performing oral on itself, so for me they don’t have any significance at all.
      The AMPAS ignored so many good movies and actors over the years, that Katy winning one wouldn-‘t make things any worse. I just don’t think the song qualifies for the category, an original song should be more than just a new song from the rerelease of a 2,5 year old album…

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