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8Megan Fox Got A Twitter, Is Kind of Precious

A photo of Megan Fox

In the past, my opinion of Megan Fox has been mostly “eh.” There have been a few times that she’s said some things that were stupid, but even then I was like “ha ha, whatever” as opposed to some kind of active dislike. Basically, I just don’t really care about Megan Fox.

But a couple days ago, she got a Twitter account. And my feelings are changing fast.

Here’s her very first tweet:

I’m incredibly late to the party but I’m here nonetheless, so what now?

And her second:

Hello twitter. How is everyones day going? 7:30am and we’ve watched ‘A Bugs Life’ twice…so mine has been action packed as per usual.

But then she posted this:

Is it cool or embarrassing to own a life size R2D2? It’s cool right?…Right?!

With this photo:

And I don’t care about Star Wars either, but I can still appreciate that.

So at that point in Megan’s Twittering, I was starting to warm up a little towards her.  I like A Bug’s Life, you know?  I’m not a monster.  But it wasn’t until she posted this next tweet that I really started falling hard:

So while everyone else lived in the 80s my family was living in the Wild West??Do you have embarrassing family photos?

And, of course, she included a photo:

A photo of Megan Fox

I LOVE this. I don’t know why, but I love it, and it makes me want to be friends with Megan Fox. In a show of friendship, I would like to share my own awkward childhood photo:

Oh, sorry, that’s not really awkward, that’s just me being precious in baby form. But you can see my lazy eye before I had two gross surgeries to fix it. SO ARE WE BESTIES YET?

January 5, 2013 at 10:00 am by Emily
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8 Responses to “Megan Fox Got A Twitter, Is Kind of Precious”

  1. sarah says:

    Adorable, Emily!

  2. mireee says:


  3. Mister J says:

    Lifesize R2D2? Definitely cool!

  4. rubberduckylove says:

    Merp, now I hate her a little less. Adorable baby pic!!!

  5. Harriet Meadow says:

    OK, I kind of love her now.

  6. mcmiller says:

    It’s always a little startling, for me, to see a young girl who is striking in her beauty… most little girls are adorable, cute, etc., but Megan, like few others in my observations, was strikingly beautiful.

  7. cmc says:

    Cute, Emily!! And good god, Megan Fox was a gorgeous kid. Same beautiful face on a tiny kiddo, wow.

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