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LeAnn Rimes in a Bikini, Because Why Not?

[images removed on request] Dum de dum, LeAnn Rimes getting back to her roots of frolicking on the beach sans most of her clothes. Isn’t life grand, guys?

Also, here’s LeAnn and the ever-present (and more noticeable than ever) Lizzy:

[images removed on request] And then again, from the side:

[images removed on request] Lizzy and LeAnn. LeAnn and Lizzy. I guess they’re quite the package after all, huh?

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  • LeAnn actually looks less skeletal than usual. What’s that thing on Lizzie’s stomach? It looks just awful, whatever it is.

  • Leann: “Hey, let’s stand here and pretend that we didn’t call the paps to come take our picture. Don’t you like this suit? Don’t I look great and happy? How many people do you think will see these pictures and think I’m great and want to be me?”

    Me: “None.”

  • If a bandeau top can make her giant, wonky bolt ons look non existent, then I’m firmly in the “unflattering on everybody” camp.

  • Leann is average AT BEST. Maybe a 4 if you squint hard enough. But she fancies herself a 10. Her friend’s tattoos look like burns. Pose much?
    She is such an industry joke

  • I didn’t think that anyone’s famewhoring could get any worse than Doug and Courtney’s, but Leann and Eddie have managed to outdo Doug and Courtney this week. Leann and Eddie set up a staged photo-op at the airport. Which pap agency got the “candid” photos of them at the airport? The very same pap agency that took the photos of them in Cabo. AKM-GSI. Leann denies hiring people to take photos of her, and then she sets up 3 more staged photo-ops with the pap agency she is being accused of having a deal with. Be prepared for the internet to be swamped with “Leann hounded at the airport by paps” stories from Eonline and The Dailymail, Leann even posted a twitpic of one the paps who was “harassing” her. So Leann thinks she can convince people that she doesn’t have a deal with AKM-GSI by setting up “I’m being hounded by the paps” staged photo-ops in which she has Eddie and Lizzy “protecting” her and Eddie is yelling at the paps? As usual even though Lizzy is in the photo with Leann and Eddie, Leann’s mouthpieces didn’t even acknowlegde her presence.

    Now she is tweeting that she sick, even though she looked healthy just yesterday as she frolicked on the beach with Lizzy and made out with Eddie and looked healthy in EVERY photo that AKM-GSI took of her. Either the “sick” card is a ploy for sympathy or she is once again trying to fuel pregnany rumors? Or perhaps “stomach bug” is just her way of saying that she took too many laxatives. For someone who claims to be so sick, why is she tweeting, posting photos from her trip to twitter and her fanwebsite, and posting blogs?

      • @guestjr

        What? You are stealing names from Just Jared and using them on The Superficial now? Just like you stole Claire from CB and used it to make posts on Just Jared. Why did you do that? And now you stole Cam from Just Jared and used it to make posts on Perez Hilton?

      • @EXCUSES

        Hi Fake EXCUSES. Oh look, the moderator from Just Jared is now hijacking names from PEREZ HILTON and using them to make posts on this site. You do know that the real excuses sent out a DM telling people that YOU were using her name to make posts on these sites, right? And that several people on Perez Hilton complained about you using their names on their site?

        I heard you are upset because the REAL Excuses posted the comment from Perez Hilton’s terms of aggreement where it flat out says making posts in other people’s names isn’t a no no. Th
        So whose name are you going to use next on this site? Cam? Jessica? Betty? Kimberly? Why do you use the names of others to make posts on this site?

      • Thanks guestjr for directing me to The Superficial. If it weren’t for your comment, I would have never found out that Cran Apple Snapple posts on The Superficial(I thought that she said she just posts here and on AG). Imagine my surprise when I clicked on about 5 articles and saw Cran Apple Snapple harassing a poster because that person wasn’t making nice comments about Leann. CAS even went so far as to argue that the person was Brandi. Not only did CAS accuse this person of being Brandi, she even trashed Brandi. Thanks again!

        So is guestjr CAS?

  • Leann is really working the “the paps hound me angle”, which means that she really did pay Eonline and The Dailymail to write a fluffpiece about how she was “hounded” by the paps she has a deal with.

    1) “… yes and they are tipped off by people at the airport”-Leann Rimes

    The paps know where and when to find Leann because SHE tips them off. She even stated on Chelsea that she arranges photo-ops with paps to control what they are posting about her. Everything that happens to Leann is always someone else’s fault. She did the same thing to Carly.

    How is it possible for Eddie to go through LAX without once being photographed because didn’t Eddie and his kids go through LAX to meet Leann on tour last month?

    2) “… I now have two broken toenails and trampled on feet. Gotta laugh…positive outlook! Love you”-Leann

    Only because she is doing damage control because ROL called her out for arranging these photo-ops with the paps. See, Leann can’t possibly have a deal with AKM-GSI because they “attacked” her at the airport.

    3) “Good times at the airport…. WTH?! Lil scary”-Leann Rimes

    What’s scary is that after being called out for arranging these staged photo-ops at the airport and in Cabo, Leann then turns around and sets up even more staged photo-ops. It’s like she thinks that she doesn’t have any consequences for her bad behavior or that people are dumb enough to buy what she is selling.

    4) “Omg coming into the airport tonight was terrifying. Not fun traveling sick!!”

    This is Leann confirming to the paps where and when they can find her at LAX. So why did she lie and say that someone at the airport called the paps?

    5) “…that was just our usual welcome home at the airport. Headed to bed.”

    A welcome fit for a famewhore.

    6) “…we had a fantastic time!! Think I must have eaten something weird last night.”

    Something she ate? Like a LAXATIVE? Or is Eddie trying to get rid of Eddie by poisoning her?

  • What is it about Scheana, Eddie’s ex-mistress, that sends Leann into a damage control frenzy? Leann is doing some mad damage control in preparation for Scheana’s appearance on RHOBH and SUR. Leann bombared the internet with back to back photos of her and Eddie engaging in pda. Gave an “exclusive” interview to Hollywood Life(as a “source”) about how she gained weight so that she can get pregnant, how Eddie loves the weight gain on her so much so that he couldn’t keep his hands off of her while they were in Cabo(It was a staged photo-op and Eddie is a paid gigolo-he pretends to be a loving and devoting husband and in return he gets a 5 day trip to Cabo for his mistress and friend, a new house, and beer/alcohol).

    And now Leann is tweeting this: “Early, cold, in my robe and getting my man’s Sunday paper….love”

    No Leann, it’s not LOVE. It’s called, your husband isn’t home. It’s amazing how Leann tries so hard to convince people that her marriage to Eddie is 100% solid. Isn’t Leann “sick”? So why would her “loving and supporting” husband who “adores” her so much so that he couldn’t keep his hands off of her while they were in Cabo send her out to get HIS paper? Because he isn’t there. She is tweeting up a storm which is another indication that Eddie isn’t there like she wants her fans to believe.

  • @guestjr and the EXCUSES imposter is a Leann fan who has a fetish for stealing people’s names from twitter to sites like PH/CB, and using them on various other sites. He has done this to several people, including Brandi where he made fake twitter accounts in her name. From what I was told, several people have been complaining and reporting him and now he is upset. The rumor is that he gets away with this behavior on JJ because he is the moderator, several people have said that after reporting the comments that he made in one person’s name, min later he would make a comment in the name of the person who had just reported him.

  • If their butts look like this, then I totally believe that the JWow butt pic was real and not photo shopped!