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Miley Cyrus Has Justin Bieber’s Back

A photo of Miley Cyrus

I don’t know about you guys, but that thing about Justin Bieber’s paparazzo kind of got to me yesterday. It’s just the fact that someone lost his life trying to get a photo of Justin Bieber. Can we all just consider that for a minute? He died for Justin Bieber. Let that sink in real good.

Anyway, it turns out that this kind of got to Miley Cyrus too, probably in a much more real way. She’s been known to lash out at creepy photographers getting too close, and for good reason. But here are the things she tweeted about it:

Hope this paparazzi/JB accident brings on some changes in ’13 Paparazzi are dangerous! Wasn’t Princess Di enough of a wake up call?!

It is unfair for anyone to put this on to Justin’s conscious as well! This was bound to happen! Your mom teaches u when your a child not to play in the street! The chaos that comes with the paparazzi acting like fools makes it impossible for anyone to make safe choices.

I didn’t hear about anyone trying to blame this on Justin, but that’s just dumb. There have been times when he’s driven recklessly to get away from paparazzi, and he obviously doesn’t have any warm and fuzzies for them either, but this is just crazy. I mean, I’ll poke fun this kid all day long, but if I ever saw him out, I wouldn’t, you know, stalk him. Boundaries, guys, they’re important.

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