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Celebrity ‘Demand a Change’ PSA Gets a Rebuttal

The video response is called ‘Demand Celebrities Go F Themselves’, and shows clips of gun violence in films from which the original ‘Demand a Change’ celebrities spoke out against. Crafty, you know? And while I support the original video, featuring those celebrities speaking out against actionless, planless gun regulation in the United States, I can also agree with the makers of the second video, because I think Hollywood and the media have a large role to play in avoiding the desensitization of guns and their culture in America.

Something needs to be done, and when we can stop being hypocrites and saying, “Well he or she can’t have guns, but I can, because I’m mentally stable, and duh, no one looks up to me to be the example of what it is to be humane,” then this vicious cycle is only going to perpetuate itself.

Something I don’t agree with? The ‘Kill a Celebrity’ song playing at the end, and calling the celebrities “hypocrites” and “whores.” Yeah, there’s definitely some hypocrisy there, but calling someone a “whore” because they’re a hypocrite? I don’t know about all that, and quite honestly, the end of the video kind of invalidated the makers’ points on a certain level.

I do, however, think Sarah Silverman is a big, dumb asshat and pretty much anything eviscerating her character is OK by me.

Here’s the original if you haven’t already seen it:


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  • Thanks to the video I recognized way more of the celebrities. But I agree with you: The last few seconds of the clip pretty much ruin the first 4 minutes.

  • I pretty much agree with Sarah’s post–the rebuttal would have been much more effective had they not fallen to name calling and such.

    Also, I especially agree with the part about Sarah Silverman being an asshat. Totally.

  • While Hollywood may have a small part in desensitization, why is it these random public shootouts are mostly in the US? There’s Canada next door where things like these are rare, they watch the same American movies, Europe is the same story it rarely happens there too despite the fact they all watch the same movies. America HAS an issue with arms due to easy availability and we NEED to change these gun laws, finger pointing for selfish reasons just so people can continue with the way things are is ridiculous and makes me mad, why are we so resistant to change for the better? People please stop being selfish for a change and support the right cause…

  • I guess the argument could be said those are characters and not the reflection of the actors personal beliefs. And all this was done prior to the tragedy. It would be a stronger statment if these same actors say they won’t appear in movies with gun violence. But that isn’t going to happen, they aren’t going to pass on a paycheck.

    It’s tit for tat sillyness that just deflects off the real issue of change needs to happen regardless of who is in a softly lit black and white viral video.

  • Though I generally agree that changes need to be made here in the US to gun regulations, I’m frustrated by attempts to blame Hollywood and/or video games, and wish we would shift the focus more toward mental health issues and changes to mental health care that might allow for intervention before a sick person commits some atrocity.

    But, yeah, if you ignore the nastiness at the tail end, it’s a clever video.

  • The rebuttal is just digging up the same old sh*t they have always used to defend their defenseless position. Oh, the baddy bad bad celebrities…we wouldn’t have a gun culture without them, instead of pulling our heads out of our a$$es, let’s just scream louder and put the blame on somebody besides us.

  • I took the whore comment as the celebrities are “whoring” themselves out by taking a paycheck despite it going against what they profess to believe in. I don’t find any offense in the term and I think it applies here to a degree (as far as what this videographer is trying to say), so that part didn’t seems out of line to me.

    Having said that, I think the whole point of the video is fairly useless. No one is going to see Adam Scott on screen shooting a gun from a boat and say “That settles it, I am going on a killing spree.”

    I love horror movies and video games and I’m not picking up a gun. While I think it’s true (Hollywood glamorizes violence), I don’t want any less buckets of blood in my campy films or less action in my Tarantino flicks. America’s problem is easy access to assault weapons and lack of access to mental health care.

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