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Quotables: Piers Morgan Says He’s Going to Deport Himself

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To even try to conceive of how you would feel if your child was shot multiple times in the head by a Rambo madman at school is just impossible. I honestly don’t know how you would ever carry on with life. But my anger turned to blind rage when I saw the reaction to this hideous massacre in America. Sales of the specific weapon used, an AR-15 military-style assault rifle, rocketed at gun stores all over America in the days following the Sandy Hook shooting. And the country’s biggest gun supplier, Brownells, said it sold more high-capacity bullet magazines in three days than it normally did in three-and-a-half years. … And let me say that for every American who has attacked me on Twitter, Facebook or Fox News this past week, I’ve had many more thank me and encourage me to continue speaking out – including one lady who came up to me in Manhattan just before Christmas, grabbed my arm, and said firmly: ‘I’m with you. A lot of us are with you.’ In conclusion, I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me. Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.

Piers Morgan on gun control legislation and where this country may be headed if something big doesn’t change.

Could I say that I agree any more than I already do? No, because, truth be told, I couldn’t agree any more than I already do, and most of you guys know how I feel about all this. I’m not going to rehash it all, except to say that I’d definitely give second thought to moving to the “Land of Opportunity” if I were a foreigner. That’s about it.

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  • Well said. This guy has integrity and I respect him for refusing it to be compromised. I hate guns, weapons, violence. It brings nothing but grief and devastation, and I’m strongly against it.

  • Typically, I’ve stayed quiet on this matter because I don’t have popular opinions, usually, and I oftentimes end up rambling, but I’m unimpressed with this guy. First of all, he just seems like a bloated ego; I mean, he has a cable “news” program where he interviews celebrities and newsmakers and just like so many other “journalists” today he’s so in love with his own perspective and thought process that half his interviews are him blowing his own load…and now here is he is jumping on the politcal bandwagon of gun control.

    Personally, I do think gun control is an important issue, but I don’t think egomaniacs like this guy do anything for the case by making one of those empty threats about self-deportation. (I’ve made the threat myself numerous times, the day after election day 2004, I was certain I’d never return home from a trip abroad, but…here I am.)

    I’d be a lot more impressed with people, in general, if we didn’t jump on the easy, hot-button political topics, such as guns, and we took a real long, deep look into the mental health field–from the workers to the patients to the way we, as a society, tend to treat mental illness like some shameful secret. And let’s talk about poverty–real poverty–take the train through North Philly and you’ll blink and wipe at your eyes convinced you’ve been transported to a third world country…let’s talk about the hundreds of thousands of people disenfranchised in this magical country of ours.

    Guns suck and guns kill people, but why are so many people taking up guns?

    I think his statement about “anger turning to blind rage” plays a role here too…anger really only serves a (healthy) purpose if it motivates you to act in a positive manner; for example, I’m really angry that guy called me fatass, so I’m going to use that anger to motivate myself to eat better and exercise.” What’s his blind rage motivating him to do but go blabbering on and threatening self-deportation?

    I don’t think integrity is measured by your mouth, but by your actions, and I don’t see this guy doing anything but adding to the mess that is American mainstream culture.

    • I think more people are jumping on the gun issue because, as you said, it’s an “easy” topic. Things like mental health and poverty are huge and unwieldy problems with no easy solution, whereas the gun problem *seems*, at least, to have an easy solution (i.e. more control). Not that that solution is as easy as it sounds, but its apparent simplicity makes it the first target for people to attack. That’s my two cents, anyway.

      • Well put. As I said many times before, it’s not an easy solution. But you aren’t going to put Pandora back into her box. Nobody is getting my (modest collection) of guns. Nobody. Not Dianne Feinstein or the turds who voted for her. I have tens of millions who feel exactly as I do. Come git some. Or, don’t tread on me and we’ll all be fine.

  • His deportation wasn’t an empty statement. There is a petition at the White House to deport him for attacking the second amendment . Pretty darn funny when you think about it. He was speaking his mind , as the first amendment allows… Freedom of speech . He may be another t.v. Host, but they are the voices that are heard, not ours. So say what you will, but i appreciate his voice.

    • He’s a foreigner. Who cares what his opinion is. Let him go back to England. Guess he doesn’t understand our country after all.

      • I don’t know, I feel like foreigners can have valid opinions, too, especially since they have lived somewhere where things are different and therefore have a perspective on what else works/doesn’t work.

      • Harriet, Piers also fails to mention that England has 8 times the rate of violent crime than the USA overall. Something the gun-banners fail to mention. England also bans guns and has confiscated most of them. Great move for the criminals, bad move for law-abiding citizens.

  • Every country has mentally ill people on the streets, or out in public. Not every country has easy accesses to guns, let alone assult weapons. Countrys that ban them don’t have the massacre rate that we have. I believe we need better mental health programs, but we also need MUCH better gun control.

  • My only regret is that more people don’t have the guts to come right out and tell the “gun nuts”, well, that they are gun nuts. Don’t just shrug it off and stay quiet. Tell them (1st ammendmAnt, right?) that you think they’re stupid and wrong.

    • I have the guts to tell you, using my 1st Amendment right, that you are a moron if you think you get to pick and choose which “rights” we “common folk” deserve to have. Learn the difference between a “right” and a privilege. People died so you have these rights. Too bad you aren’t intelligent enough to appreciate them.

  • Contravening an amendment of the constitution by a foreigner is in fact sedition and he should, in fact be deported, if not traditionally beheaded. But, Sarah, oh undoubted graduate from journalism or women’s studies from an undoubtedly LIBERAL arts school, I wholeheartedly agree, I think foreigners SHOULD give a second thought to moving here, or staying here if they are unfortunate enough to have come here in the first place. I would be delighted if they ALL gave it a second thought. Unless, of course, they love the U.S. Constitution first, and recoil in horror at the attitudes of some U.S. born U.S. citizens, as many often do.
    And, remember, “Have a super sparkly day!”