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Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s Letting Herself Go

photo of katy perry pictures john mayer pic
No, I’m just kidding. She totally looks lovelier than ever. But you can definitely tell that she’s getting nice and cozy in her relationship with John Mayer, now that he’s actually allowing her to be seen with him in more public places than just entering and exiting hotels for illicit trysts:

photo of katy perry and john mayer pictures
Also, remember how Emily told you guys that she and John—Katy and John, that is; not Emily and John—did the Big Thing this year and celebrated Christmas together? Because they did, and if the idea of John and Katy bumping uglies (or at least, Katy bumping John’s ugly with her pretty) didn’t entirely repulse you, I have yet another photo that might. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

photo of john mayer as santa claus pictures
… Because you just know that he’s all sweaty and nude and unwashed underneath that scratchy Santa suit, right?

Anyway, Creepy John aside—Katy Perry’s casual look: love it or leave it?

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