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Blind Item: Casper Smart Isn’t Such A Great Boyfriend

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

From Blind Gossip:

This high-profile female celebrity bought her boyfriend a beautiful new automobile this holiday season. She even told him that there were no strings attached so that he could feel more manly about it.

He is so appreciative of her thoughtful gift that the first thing he did was to thank her with a few special hours in the bedroom.

The second thing he did was to start calling dealerships and researching the car online to get an idea of its value. That way, when they break up with next year, he can sell it for cash.

He has told friends that he already knows the relationship will likely not survive the upcoming scandal of her discovering how much he cheats on her. But will she be surprised when she finds out the gender of those with whom he is cheating?

There are a few other couples that this blind item could be about – Katy Perry and John Mayer, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a few examples – but I’m going to stick with Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart. For one, I don’t think any of these other dudes would go through the trouble of checking out car prices. They all make way too much money for that, I imagine, but Casper is a backup dancer. He could definitely use the money more than the other guys.

For two, Jennifer has a history of buying Casper fancy gifts. She even bought him a truck for his last birthday, which sets up a nice tradition.

And finally, there’s that clue about the cheating, particularly the part about cheating with men. I think we can all fondly recall the photo of Casper in the shiny gold shorts that accompanied the story about his rumored sexuality, and I would be the least surprised if it was all true.

In closing, Casper Smart is a shady character who is using Jennifer Lopez and her loving nature to gain fame and money. And that’s sad, but not at all surprising.

Any other guesses?

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  • I think it’s little confusing cause I don’t think Casper gonna explainednline this king of thing cause Jlo has access in the internet she can see what he said. It happens sometimes you meet someone it wasn’t love at first time(like said before) what is not wrong but we’re living together we’re becoming crazy each other. They can survive cause we’re human. If he accepts to change they’re will be fine. Forget about the past and then begin again. That’s all. What I know Casper is not stupid he’s not gonna make this king of mistake. Good works with understanding dialogue respect and compromise. I hope things can get better cause break up is not good.

  • Jlo! This is for you baby I know nothing about your private life just watch you on the TV read about you in the magazine and on the internet. Sometimes people are trying to distroy your good relation. Do you think Casper gonna calling friends and then explain to them that situation. I don’t thank so. I hope Casper clear up by tweeter immediately. They said you can’t make it I don’t think so. He couldn’t be billionaire in money but he’s in love which is the most important thing. People keep talking cause he doesn’t have money. He knows you know and people know he doesn’t have money. I believe on love. Apperently you look doing great together. You could be with a billionaire your are not happy but you’re living with simple you madly are. I don’t know what to say else cause I don’t like break up. I believe in dialogue compromise understanding respect. I hope Every will be fine. If you plan to make a family without kids is not gonna be blessing. God bless you guys. Be strong and happy holidays.

  • I don’t understand cause something is blind that’s mean you are unable to see. If he spoke to friends like that he understood. First of all when women are asking for break up men usually beg for a second chance. Casper was waiting for this break up to go away. Casper like gentlemen you should speak to her for convincices and promise her something new that I suggest you. Is it true? You answer will be the truth.

  • I hope you don’t live Casper for Parker I know you make up your mind. Think about your kinds any time you introduce them to a new man. They are gonna questionning about Casper. Jump man to another man it’s gonna be a psychologic impact on your kids. I whish you do great for the future of your kids. Good luck with Parker I hope he will be the last one.

  • Jlo! It’s still winter time Caspel is in control of the bed because it is too soon to bring someone for it. Casper will be the one for night and the other for day time until summer. Uh! I never seen woman easy like that but think about your kids. They are growing up one they are gonna learn about you tell the true. Jump man to man without take some time to know about him mistakeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Sorry I was gonna say Jason. They are not making sense cause I wrote the name of the movie. I know what I’m saying use sense and you can see.

  • I don’t believe it cause you know someone is wrong and you spend fews hours with him to thank you. Nothing happened? You couldn’t resist If it was me I was gonna say fine! That’s all. Let’s logically talk.

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