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Watch This: ‘This is the End’

OK, so I’m not going to lie: I watched at least half of this trailer trying to decide whether or not I this movie was complete and utter bullshit, or if this movie actually had some hidden genius somewhere. Want to know how it all ends? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the first thing. The “complete and utter bullshit” option, and while it’s chock-full of big name celebrities like Jonah Hill, Emma Watson, James Franco, and Seth Rogen, among others, it’s *also* an self-indulgent piece of dreck that isn’t worth the three minutes and eleven seconds of its red band trailer. Also in the film is Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, and Rihanna.

Hey, also, is Jay Baruchel the worst actor that ever lived or what? For real—I’m pretty sure his best work happened in ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’.

Thoughts on ‘This is the End’? Am I being too hard on this wee wittow movie?

On another note, something that’s not at all dumb—well, OK, sort of dumb, but not dumb in the way that ‘This is the End’ is dumb—‘Warm Bodies’. Hear of it? Here’s the trailer:

And here’s the first four minutes if you’re still interested:

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  • Oh, I wanna see that movie! It looks like great anarcho fun.

    As for Warm Bodies: It doesn’t look half as dumb as it sounds (Zombies become human (or at least less brain-hungry) again because they love? That’s even worse than glittering vampires). Hope they don’t ruin it’s potential.

  • I LOVED Warm Bodies! Saw a screening a few weeks ago for free. The chemistry is great and it knows when to make fun of itself. Never thought I would see a charming zombie movie! I’d probably even pay to see it again!