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It Just Can’t Be Christmas Without Half-Nude Courtney Stodden

photo of courtney stodden naked christmas pictures photos 2012 pic
… And what kind of Grinch would I be if I didn’t deliver them to you in a neat little, child-sized package of gleeful Christmas cheer? Well, a Grinch who isn’t attracted to practical children with rode-hard faces, and who look like tall, skinny eight-year-olds who should probably eat more spaghetti and meatballs when their mama cooks it for them, because holy f-cking pre-pubescent emaciation.

These are photos of Courtney Stodden in almost all of her nude glory, and if you don’t see that Courtney Stodden rilly is a rill child, then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe your name is Doug Hutchison, and maybe you’re OK with that. I, however, cannot fathom the idea that this girl was allowed to marry at sixteen years old, but yes, I can believe that Courtney Stodden’s boobs are totally rill.

Images courtesy of The Superficial

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  • Umm wtf why do her boobs look real small here but in other pics of her, around town and what not, they look f*cking huge? Did she have implants removed or something? Bc there’s no way it’s camera tricks/angles.. Could it be really good push up bras that she also stuffs with those gel cutlet things?? But then again she can’t afford banging bras.. the chick rocks cheap ass stripper heels and Forever21 dresses for christ’s sake.. LOLF*CKINGL!!