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Courtney Stodden Is “A Victim of Her Own Beauty”

A photo of Courtney Stodden

This is such a treat. Courtney Stodden‘s mom, Krista Stodden, gave an interview, and it is just something so special. I mean, I think we’re all familiar with how special an encounter with Courtney’s mom can be, but this one is almost too special.

Ok. Krista talked to the Huffington Post, and here are some things that she had to say:

On Courtney’s beauty: “Courtney is the new Anna Nicole Smith, without the drugs. Everyone wants to be like Marilyn Monroe, but with Courtney the beauty comes from within — like Pam Anderson and Farrah Fawcett.”

On Courtney’s fame: “It won’t be 15 minutes of fame because it’s an evergreen story. Courtney is so intriguing; she’s almost an addiction for people. Her light shines. When she walks into an event, it’s incredible, as her mom and manager, to watch the reaction from people. There are so many horrible things we read, but when people meet her in person is so rewarding.”

On discrimination: “She’s a victim of her own beauty. We need to understand all kinds of discrimination. It’s very sad.”

Oh yes, so very sad. I simply cannot begin to fathom how difficult it is for Courtney to be a young, wealthy, conventionally attractive, straight white woman. How does she even survive?

As a bonus, Courtney gave her mom a statement of her own to relay during the interview:

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Women can be sexy and beautiful; I know it makes a lot of women mad.”

I’ve never understood the idea that just because someone has something that isn’t glowingly positive to say about someone else, it automatically means that they’re jealous. A lot of times it does, but sometimes it just means that Courtney Stodden and her mom are just delusional airheads.

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  • That made me LOL. What a bunch of creative spin that it is. Really, really creative. I can’t even find an original idea (like truth) in that writing.

  • I think I’m more baffled by the people who are interested in people like Courtney. What is the attraction? Why do people lover OR hate her? So I come here to read the posts and gain some insights as to why people like this continually get attention from gossip bloggers when they don’t really do anything.

    I think Evilbeet should have a voters’ poll to select the person they would LEAST like to hear about in 2013. Then for the whole year Evilbeet is not allowed to mention that person or post any pictures, links or articles about them for the whole year.

  • This girl is a victim of leechlike “parents” who are living vicariously through her. The only thing that is making Courtney think women are jealous of her is her medication.
    Someone is going to end up writing a tell-all book about her Mother. I sense she’s been nuts for quite some time and may have been grooming Courtney for this lifestyle since childhood.

  • What makes women mad is empty headed, narcissistic and vapid women saying women are jealous of “their beauty”, beauty? Really Courtney, really?.

    We aren’t jealous, we expect you to be more than your vagina and you can’t do it.

  • Courtney is cute. I’d guess some people find her pretty.

    To me, most women are beautiful in appearance. Their personalities and mind make them perfect.

    I imagine the same is seen about males. *shrug*

    Courtney has an extremely muted personality. Her mind doesn’t seem to be there either. So, to me, she can never be more than average.

    Take Meghan Fox for instance: she did (before kid) have a beautiful appearance but no personality and dumb as a rock. Therefore, she’s only average or slightly below.

    OTOH, Emma Watson is beautiful, no idea about her personality, and appears to have a decent mind. Therefore, she’s more attractive than both.

    As might be obvious, some people find specific looks, personality, and minds more attractive than others. So, I guess this would alter the outcomes.

    Most people today tend to put a high estimation on how OTHER people (meaning media) treat a female/male. I don’t.

    I dunno. Maybe I look at things differently, but that’s how I think.

  • That’s the thing, Courtney is a CHILD who has the mentality of a 15 year old. Courtney didn’t even know what the word “convictions” meant, so what rewarding experience is her mother talking about? The attention she gets from exploiting her 18 year old child? I thought that Courtney said she had two older sisters. So does or did the mom pimp out those other two girls like she is doing to Courtney and what do the other two daughters think of their parents and now just there mother exploiting their little sister?

    Someone needs to get her away from her mother and Doug before it’s too late because I also agree that she is just their puppet.

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