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Of Course Lindsay’s Stealing Furniture Now

photo of lindsay lohan pictures on a bed pic
… And not just any furniture, guys, princessy furniture. From Entertainmentwise:

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly given $200,00 of furniture for her rented Beverly Hills home but in exchange for appearing on a TV show, Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, but now she’s allegedly pulled out of the show and has kept the freebies, according to a new report.

The troubled star is said to have approached Kathryn Ireland, who is one of the TV show’s decorators at a party on New Year’s Eve last year, and Ireland claims that it was Lohan who asked if she could star on an episode. “I didn’t know who she was when I met her,” Ireland told the New York Post. “It was only when she said to her sister, ‘Wouldn’t you love a mother like her?’ that I thought ‘How rude’ and turned to someone and [asked who she was].”

Ireland and her crew were said to have gone to Lohan’s house for filming, and that they had been left shocked that the actress only had a four poster bed in her bedroom.

The famed decorator claims that Lindsay said she wanted her bedroom to feel “very princessey”, and they negotiated a budget of $250,000.

Although, when the furniture was delivered, they couldn’t get hold of Lindsay. Bravo has since confirmed that Lindsay “was not available for the reveal shoot, but we were still able to capture the outcome, just like we do for many of the reveal episodes.”

They still have a two-part episode for Million Dollar Decorators, that will air in the US on January 1.

I can’t even deal with this one today, and you want to know why? Because this is standard Lindsay, doing her standard crack-thieving and bullshittery. This is how it goes, and this is how she keeps on keeping on. Lindsay Lohan is the greatest con artist of our day, and maybe we should just succumb to that and appreciate it for what it is.

I mean, seriously. There’s nothing else we can do. It’s not like she can be stopped or anything.

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