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Ashton Kutcher Finally Got Sick of Demi Moore’s Sh-t, Filed for Divorce

photo of demi moore and ashton kutcher pictures
From People:

Ashton Kutcher has filed for divorce from Demi Moore.

The papers were filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Kutcher, 34, citing irreconcilable differences, isn’t seeking any spousal support nor is he asking the court to deny Moore any. The documents also show that because the couple had no children together, child support and visitation are not an issue.

So it’s about one of three things, by my best guess. One, Ashton wants to up and marry his long-time love, Mila Kunis, and he can’t very well do that while he’s still married to Demi Moore; two, Ashton’s sick of being tied to a trainwreck, no matter how far removed; or three, he’s just one of those procrastinating type of people, and if that’s the case, that shit really gets on my nerves.

Oh, wait, right. No, the fact that he cheated on Demi to begin with, abused her trust and feelings, and then rebounded with chicks mere weeks after being kicked out of his house. No, you’re totally right—that’s the kind of shit that really gets on my nerves.

Demi might be an unstable dumbass, but Ashton Kutcher is the devil, guys. And a stupid devil, at that.

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  • Disagree… Who knows what kind of bat shit crazy she unloaded on him during that marriage. I’m team Ashton all the way.

    • The guy is at best a sex addict and at worst a serial cheater. He has actually talked about how prior to being with Demi, he slept with everyone and that it was destructive. Get a grip.

    • He could have divorced her at any time after he cheated with the model and before he got with Mila but he waited. Either Mila demanded an engagement or she’s pregnant. Either way Ashton is a cheater and how Mila got him will be how she loses him.

      • I totally agree! I think if someone left their SO for me I’d be so paranoid that’d be how they’d leave me too.

      • Agreed. The second I read ths, my irst thought was, “Mila Kunis must be knocked up”. The best chance Ashton has of coming out of this looking less like a douchebag is fatherhood. That is, after all, the one thing Demi could not provide. Well, that and sanity.

  • The timing is weird. If Ashton knew Demi at all he’d know this would completely devastate her. So either he’s super cruel and karma is about to backhand him or he has a bigger reason for timing it like this. Mila is probably pregnant and her family is not going to take any of Ashton’s nonsense.
    Mila is going to pop that kid out and Ashton will be heading for the models again.

    • I’m with you. He couldn’t have picked a worse time and it’s hard to believe that anybody could be so self-absorbed that they wouldn’t know that. You’re probably right about Mila. I don’t know why, but I always thought she was smarter than that….evidently not.

  • There’s no good time to get rid of deadweight. Jus’ sayin’. No matter when did it, some folks woild find reason to squawk. I hope that he and his age-appropriate, non attention-seeking girlfriend stay happy.

  • Nothing weird about the timing. It’s been a year of separation so they are now eligible to divorce. I’m sure that Mila has not been thrilled about being linked to a still legally married man. He waited for Dummy to do it but she didn’t so he did. She has enough of her own money that there should be no legal hang-ups. I am happy for Ashton that he finally came to his senses and cut off the dead weight (lol!)