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photo of president obama pictures
The best photo of the President that you will probably ever see. [The Superficial]

Tom Cruise is totally for real. [Lainey Gossip]

Christina Aguilera tarnishes her former Mickey Mouse Club image. [Bohomoth]

Claire Danes’ baby was born! [Starpulse]

… And Malin Akerman’s baby bump is just as cute. [Splash]

Jessica Simpson walks down the aisle. [INFDaily]

Senators slam ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. [Huff Po]

Katie Holmes takes an ex back … but which one? [CDL]

Lindsay Lohan’s busy clogging toilets. [The Superficial]

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams are 2012’s Best Love. [Lainey Gossip]

Courteney Cox totally isn’t doing anything to her face (read: Courteney Cox is totally doing things to her face). [I’m Not Obsessed]

Taylor Swift spends lots of money on her men. [Celebslam]

Johnny Depp—Amber Heard just isn’t that into you. [Cele|bitchy]

Why, Paris Hilton does have nipples! [Celebrity Rant]

Kaley Cuoco shares how she got that bod. [Hollywood Backwash]

Jessica Simpson’s new Weight Watchers commercial. [IDLYITW]

The worst fashion trends of ’12. [theBERRY]

Justin Bieber is an animal-abuser. [Hollywood PQ]

Simon Cowell is dating Carmen Electra. For real. [Celebzter]

Diana Morales in her skivvies. [G Celeb]

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  • Maybe I”m reading too much into it, but on the Homes/Cruise thing, I think it’s telling that the “source” refers to her as “Kate.” Isn’t that a Tom-ism?

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