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Kristen Stewart Does the Stupidest Interview Ever, Also Gets Dropped by Ben Affleck

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Oh man. How awful. From an interview with the Huffington Post:

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Hmm. I take these things very seriously. Whenever anyone’s like, “Oh, we’re just gonna do a fun quick-fire-question thing.” My guiltiest pleasure? Shit. God. Dude, what’s yours?

Oh, God, I probably wouldn’t want to say, now that I think about it.

Have you ever stolen anything?
Actually, no. I stole a pack of gum when I was younger and literally turned right around and gave it back. And he was such an asshole to me. I was like, “I should have just walked. I am being a good person.” And he literally chastised me for 15 minutes. I was like, “Why did I even give this back to him?”

If failure weren’t an option, what’s one thing you would do?
Oh, god. God. That is too — dude, these are not quick-fire questions. They’re heavy questions.

What shows are on your DVR?
I actually don’t watch TV.

Do you ever text in the movie theater?
Um, I don’t typically sit in a movie theater.

If you could ask Kim Kardashian one question, what would it be?
Um, wow. I have no idea.

Did she learn all of that “um” and “wow” and “God” in thespian school? Because she just had to have learned it in thespian school, because it’s so ingrained in her psyche. I think that when Kristen Stewart dies, we should probably engrave on her headstone, “Um, wow, God,” because it’d probably be, like, so fitting.

In recent Kristen news, that movie that she was supposed to do with Ben Affleck? This big “comedy” that’s supposed to be her crossover role into major, non-‘Twilight’, non-tween films? According to Variety, Ben Affleck has gone and bailed, citing reasons like “no time” and “bad co-stars.” I’m kidding about the co-star part, but the lack of time, Ben claims, is the main reason he’s no longer going to be affiliated with the production.

The film is called ‘Focus’, and Ben’s former character is labeled “veteran grifter” who becomes romantically involved with an up-and-coming con-artist, which is where Kristen comes into play. Sources say that there was to be a variety of passionate scenes, including a post-sex shot in bed. Ick.

Maybe Jennifer Garner was worried about Ben’s wandering eye. Kristen is a pretty girl, after all, and you know how she likes those in more senior of positions. In, ahem, different positions.

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