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Hey! There’s a New Trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’!

And here it is! Man, guys. This looks … well, it looks … quite honestly, I think it’s going to be pretty f-cking terrible.

Seriously, I don’t care how many Leonardo DiCaprios or Tobey Maguires you throw in there, when the production design for a movie sucks hard enough to drown out “talent,” there’s something to be said about said film. Like “it sucks.”

See, I was kind of confused and put off when all of that ‘Romeo + Juliet’ business happened back in ’96, but I chalked it up to the fact that I was an thirteen-year-old girl who didn’t fully understand the ways of the world. Now, granted, I’m twenty-nine years old right now, and while I understand the ways of the world much, much better than I did all those years ago, I’m still pretty convinced that Baz Luhrmann blows. He blows. There’s no other way around it.

Thanks for ruining one of my all-time favorite American literature classics, Baz.

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  • Whaaaat? I’m taking the complete other side, I LOVE Baz, and everything he does. I LOVE Leo, I think he’s an amazing actor, and I simply CANNOT wait for this movie to come out! Ps how on earth could you not be in love with his Romeo+Juliet? It was a masterpiece!

  • I love Baz :( Though I guess maybe his style isn’t for everyone? And I can see how this trailer’s a little ludicrous…I liked the first one better. But I think that this movie is going to tell the story really well. It’s about frivolity and excess in so many ways, as well as emptiness, and Baz does a great job of illustrating those themes.
    Also, to repeat the aforementioned and obvious truth: Leo will be great :)

  • Ooo I actually am so excited and can’t wait to see this. I loved the book, and I enjoyed Romeo + Juliet. I think the two male leads are meh but the costumes look fun! I guess it’s a matter of taste!

  • I think this might be for those who loved the book and want to see it played out in front of them. Back in the stone age, I was a kid who thought seeing Robert Redford playing Gatsby was genius. But for the grownups in the world….not so much. I still don’t understand why that version was vilified but whatever. I enjoyed it back then…..the tragic story of love sick man who gives it all to re-win the heart of the self absorbed woman. “Rich girls don’t marry poor boys.” Bitch. Perfect for my teen angst!