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Is This Selena Gomez’s Bieber Upgrade?

photo of selena gomez and ronan farrow pictures
From Hollywood Life:

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez have called it quits after he betrayed her one too many times. The final straw? Justin’s ill-timed friendship with Selena’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas!

We were a bit surprised that Selena, 20, didn’t show up at 18-year-old Justin’s Dec. 15 concert in Chicago, and now we know the reason why: she dumped him! spoke EXCLUSIVELY with a source VERY close to Selena, who confirmed the sad news.
“At this point, Selena isn’t going to any of Justin’s concerts ever again,” our source said. “She doesn’t want to speak to him anymore and told him it’s over.”

Furthermore, Selena thinks that Justin has been heartless in the wake of their previous split.

“Hanging out with Nick proved that he wants to just be a jerk about this, and Selena’s sick of being heartbroken,” our source said. “They are finished, and I think it’s for good this time.” previously reported that the Justin and Nick’s friendly evening together on Dec. 13 devastated Selena.

“Justin and Nick Jonas hung out all night,” our source said. “Selena was crying about it. He wouldn’t even return her calls when she found out and called him up.”

UPDATE: A second source of ours confirms the news to that Justin and Selena DID break up.

OK, so it’s probably confirmed that Justin and Selena are done, thank God. Because Justin is a shitty little pill, and I don’t really have an opinion on Selena Gomez because she’s kind of boring, this is why I say ‘thank God’. I also say ‘thank God’ because Ronan Farrow, who is the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, is way, way hotter than Justin Bieber could ever hope to be, and he’s probably nicer than Justin, even on his shittiest-person days.

Anyway, the above photo is a photo that was posted to Ronan’s Twitter feed with the caption “Do not challenge the lovely @selenagomez to a dance-off. You will lose”, which is actually pretty sweet. I mean, a whole lot sweeter than making a fool out of Selena in public places and being a generally-violent little prick who feels entitled to the finer things in life because of who he is.

Good catch, girl!

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  • Ok … let’s face it we all know she is a trashy slut ! She tries to be cute or hot but she’s not she’s just a miley wanna be ! So she can just fall in a hole and die . But miley isn’t a slut like her !$$!

    • ur an idiot. miley is a millions times bigger slut than selena ever could be. god miley fans are retarded. and much prettier than ugly miley too

  • Wow. He’s one of their adopted brood, right? Because he looks nothing like either of them (and that’s a good thing.)

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  • so yeah… there’s NO WAY IN HELL someone who got accepted to Yale law School at the age of 15 (not to mention has THAT resume) could be interested in that little skankasaraus. I say he’s gay and they’re just stirring shit to mess with Biever.

  • Why can’t Jelena just get back together again :( They were such a good couple, and they were actually good for each-other, she was such a good influence on him. Hopefully they are just taking a short break, as it would be impossible for their relationship to work through him touring on Believe and her new movie, Springbreakers !!!!

  • i think that selena needs to stop justin beiber was the one that would kiss and not admite it was bad she was the one that was talking about when she got on tv shows and talk about it and say it was a mistake she need to stop like i said and not be with this creepy guy when she nows she it trying so hard to make justin beiber made

  • I think everyone need to stop making fun of selena and justin what they do n stuff like that.They where are cute couple together and i want them to be back with eachother.Everyone stop being haters.