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Kristen Stewart Thought All of Her Cheating Was Pretty Interesting

photo of kristen stewart on the road premiere jon stewart pic
Alright, so that’s at least how I’m interpreting it.

Kristen Stewart recently did an interview about her latest film, ‘On the Road’, and made this generalization about mistakes happening (like the one with Rupert Sanders, maybe? I don’t know):

“You have to be OK with your own fears. If you’re an honest person you’ll make mistakes, but that’s when the most interesting things happen.”

And yes, I know, I know; it’s a stretch to make the Sanders scenario fit, but don’t you think that almost everything that comes out of Kristen’s mouth for at least little bit longer is going to be related to her cheating on Robert Pattinson? Because whether you like it or not, it is, and whether you like it or not, every interview thereafter is going to be compared to all of her pre-cheating interviews that were positively filled with thinly-veiled references to Robert Pattinson and how blissed out their lives together are. It’s just how these things work, and yes, one day this cheating thing will be old news, but not today, my friend.

On a side note, how great does Kristen look in the above photo? It was taken at Jon Stewart’s studios for an ‘On the Road’ appearance. Say what you want about this girl’s questionable taste in affair-men, but she sure looks good. You know, most of the time.

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