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Lindsay Lohan is Pulling Out “Clumps of Hair” and Yelling At Herself

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Wait … are we sure this is about Lindsay Lohan and not Amanda Bynes? Because Lindsay Lohan really, really understands the price of things today, guys—especially since she can’t afford rent or the monthly payment on her storage unit, and I don’t think she’d be tearing her hair out at the roots if she knew that she’d have to go and replace it in the end.

Anyway, word has it that Lindsay Lohan is really starting to melt down, and the Enquirer (yeah, I know, but still—I never post this shit and I thought it was kind of interesting, so I get a pass this Friday morning) says that her behavior has become increasingly erratic over the past few weeks, so much so that she’s beginning the cycle of self-harming. From the Enquirer:

“Lindsay has been pulling out clumps of her hair and she talks to herself constantly, shouting and cursing when she thinks nobody is around. She wanders around in the dead of night like a zombie, half-awake but in a zoned-out trance. She’s in total denial about her problems, but she clearly needs to check herself into a psych ward for mental help. If it worked for Britney Spears, it can work for Lindsay.”

See, I can believe this about a lot of people, but not about Lindsay, because I don’t think I believe that Lindsay has mental problems. I think Lindsay has drug problems, and I think that Lindsay has emotional problems to a certain extent, but mental problems? A psych ward? No way—Lindsay’s way too bullheaded and meth-focused to let herself completely unravel like that. She’s pretty much let her looks go entirely, and because of that, I don’t think she’s going to allow any pre-existing or new mental issues to creep up on her and full-on ruin all of her hardworking crack scheming and lady-punching.

I call BS on this one.

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  • When is this going to be over? When does obscurity come in? I remember all of the big stars of the 80’s; the ones who twisted off into drugs and wrecked cars – they were off the radar by the 90’s. how is this chick with coke-bloat continuing to get deals and make headlines? When will she be truly washed-up to the point of being completely forgotten, a blurb on a VH1 “Where are they now”

  • Well let’s address some of this. 1) her hair is likely a weave problem. We have seen this before on Lilo.
    2) if she is running around talking/screaming at herself it’s most likely a ploy for attention, or she wants the courts to think she is crazy so they will feel sorry for her and not sentence her to jail.
    3) when does obscurity come in ? Unlike the 80’s or 90’s…media attention, Internet and the interest in tabloid story’s are much greater these days…today, after all is ” the information highway”.
    4) the real question. When will the California court grow a set and lock her sorry ass up ? I have no answer on this on.

  • I don’t know if any of this is true but I’m going with what Corey Reynolds said on his twitter about the movie “Liz and Dick” after he saw it, only it applies to the Lindsay Lohan story, “This should of never happened”.

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