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Guess the Celebrity: Cleavage Edition

photo of amanda bynes boobs pictures
Three hints!

—It’s not Kim Kardashian.
—It’s not Pam Anderson.
—It’s definitely not who you think.

Jump in to find out who this righteous set of tits belongs to!

photo of amanda bynes boobs pictures
Yeah, it’s Amanda Bynes. Are you as disappointed as I am, guys?

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  • Ugh. Who does this? Oh look, a random picture of my boobs! That chick seriously wants some attention. They are nice boobs, though.

  • Now if this was a real game I’d have to admit, I wouldn’t be eligible to play this one. You see, I knew that was Mandy’s rack right off the bat because I was just suckling on them puppies not too long ago when I tapped that ass!!! Yaknowatimsayin?

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