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Love It or Leave It: Britney Spears ‘X-Factor’ Dress

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A little behind the trend of the Herve Leger-wearing Jennifer Love Hewitt, who lived in the bodycon bandage dresses for months at a time, but we’ll give Britney an A for effort and a C for catching up, sound fair?

This is what Britney Spears wore for the recent ‘X-Factor’ finals, and if her image clean-up is any indication of what’s to come, I’d say that we’re out of luck in encountering the pink be-wigged, umbrella toting Britney of yesteryear.

Britney Spears’ getup—love it or leave it?

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  • The Leger dresses were part of her rider on the show. I think she asked for 30 or 50 of them or something ridiculous. She looks great, but she’s just like a little robot that her father and fiancé prop up to get their 20%. She looks worlds better, but sad.

  • It’s alarming how quickly she’s aged. She’s, what, early 30 something? And that fringe doesn’t do her any favours.

  • I like the silhouette of the dress on her, as well as the colour, but I don’t like this, nor probably any other bandage dress, on her. I think the bandage dress is fab on the really curvy girls like JLH, and the 3 oldest Kardashian girls. On a less curvy body it seems to sort of fill in the curves too much. Sort of over-smoothes resulting in an added overall bulk instead of showing off cute curves as a dress with the same silhouette in a smooth fabric would.

    She does look quite dead in the eyes. She certainly has many things to be sad – depressed even -about in her life, certainly in her past, and quite likely the present.

    Her hair colour leaves little to be desired.

  • She looks good as does the dress but I would never pair it with matching color heels. She should have gone with a pair of gray platform pumps to tone it down a bit..

  • i dont really like her shes not always in a good looks!
    yucks! she looks old. sign of aging lol! xtina alwys better than her and always looking gorgeous and younger than her!. . . .

    • Are you serious xtina better looking and younger looking?? Britney looks amazing great body and this is a great look for her. I have four words for ya in reference to xtina … send in the clowns !!!

  • I think Britney has paid her dues, and has proven she can take what ever comes, people , and Hollywood tried to destroy her put she a survivor, and back bigger then ever, I say whey to go Baby and keep on slugging love ya.