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Wait, Does Courtney Stodden Look Lovely in These Photos?

photo of courtney stodden pictures
No, the answer is absolutely ‘no’, because Courtney Stodden and Lucite shoes and minidresses and the word ‘lovely’ can never, ever really gel, but there’s always that off-chance that Courtney will show up wearing pants and a pair of flats one day. It could happen, and I’ve got a special post already written up to commemorate the day it actually happens.

The pictures above, though? Well, Courtney here is producing a music video for her single ‘Reality’, and she decided that the best way to audition male dancers for the video would be to have them parade around half-nude and front of her and her husband, Doug Hutchison.

Here’s ‘Reality’, in case you never heard it:

And incidentally, yeah, it’s obviously super wonderful, but not nearly—NEVER nearly—as wonderful as this:

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  • I’d suspect that Doug doesn’t care much what she does as long as she comes home.

    I’d suspect that she likes her men older.

    I’d suspect that song (reality) sucks ass.

    I’d suspect that she isn’t much of a singer even with autotune. She can’t possibly have a real label and this has to be self-promoted.

    And, finally, I’d suspect that he was there to help. She probably asked him to. Or he paid for it.

  • Oh OWWWW…just tried to listen to the song. Made it through less than one minute. Must listen to Florence now to cleanse my soul.

  • You would think they’d try to save some of that Couples Therapy money being as Doug’s career is now in the shitter.

    Shitty weave, busted face, multiple padded bras, no ass and chicken legs. Yeah, she’s lovely alright….

  • What is this world coming to….little girls used to want to become nurses and cabin crew….now they want to be publicity sluts! Unfortunately I can see her ending up like Anna Nicole Smith.

  • That song (actually ALL of them) are Unbelievable horrible. I think it’s time to jam a screwdriver into both my eardrums.

    Here are the facts:

    1) Things will remain as they are for the next few years because Doug as No career and No life to speak of, other than being a non-paid employee of Courtney Stodden Sheltered Industries. He has to stay – he has no place else to go.

    2) The poor sucker chosen for the video has no idea that he has screwed his career (whatever that might have been) beyond repair. He will go on to become the king of meth users.

    3) Mom will use her daughter, with the Little Cash Cow’s permission, until Courtney shrivels up and blows away. Mom will then travel the world like a tumbleweed looking for more victims to “manage”.

    And the band played on…

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