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But Hey, Did Miley Cyrus Get a Boob Job?

photo of miley cyrus boob job pictures
If this isn’t really the most interesting Miley story we’ve come across, then gosh. I just don’t know what else could be. All those puppies she’s got? No—these puppies in particular—Miley’s TIT PUPPIES. BAM:

photo of miley cyrus boobs pictures photos tit job pic
Here’s another, just in case you weren’t convinced (or if you just want an even better angle):

photo of miley cyrus boob job borgore pic
Ha. So, if you can imagine it, and your mind can stand it, this is the song that Miley Cyrus was performing, and yes, it’s that Borgore song, ‘Decisions’, and the following video is the video wherein Miley herself hops out of a cake while Borgore chants “Bitches love cake” and Miley Frenches a unicorn (don’t play like you don’t know who that unicorn really is, guys).

What do you guys think of Miley’s boobs? Think they’re the real thing? And if they aren’t, how in God’s name does she get her boobs to squeeze all together like that without the visible help of a push-up bra? And that video, if you’ve never seen it before—the real thing or is Miley’s music career completely over? Last, did you know that if you try to type “Miley” with your right-hand fingers on the wrong keys, it comes out “Nukey”? Because I gotta tell you—I don’t know how many times this post featured a porn star-sounding chick by the name of “Nukey Cyrus.”

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  • nah. they look young & plump & FIRM, much like right before one’s period starts… if they are little fakies, then her doc did a great job! but just looks to me like good genes thus far…..

  • They kind of look fake but like Pikki Nikki said, could just be good genes.. Haven’t looked at her boobs in a while either so I can’t really think of a good comparison. :P

    The main reason I’m commenting is because I honestly can’t believe how bad both the song and the music video are. They’re really, really bad. This is what’s classified as music now?

  • Good publicity on his part in upping popularity with young mainstream crowds and miley fans. She looks like a skank though, and will probably or has already cheated on her fiance.

  • I saw a new picture of here today (in a tshirt without a bra) and they looked pretty much the same as before. It probably has built in pads like prom dresses these days.

  • I’m petite like Miley, same age (give or take…) and I’d estimate same cup size as well (B-ish) and I can make my boobs look just like that easily. It’s all about dressing them up right (well, “right” depending on whether you’re into that sort of look).
    What I’m saying is… They look real to me. I’d be surprised if it turned out to be implants. :) Well, as surprised as one can be when it comes to celebrities getting boob jobs or other cosmetic procedures they don’t need…

  • Are you fucking retarded? Every time you make a post about someone getting work done it’s almost never the case. She obviously gained back the 10 pounds she lost a few months ago. Her boobs have always looked like that.

  • You can practically see the “fake boob” insert that gives that round look–that, by the way, will look exactly the same lying down as standing up. I’e. With fake boobs, Miley will never fear looking flat.

  • Naw, I don’t think she did. She would be stupid to do it. That wrecking ball video shows her pefect physique. Would be a waste of time to try and improve on perfect nips.

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