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Love It or Leave It: Kristen Stewart’s Stylish Onesie

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Can we talk about fashion in general for a minute, guys? Because I love all these precious little rompers. No, like I love them. I like calling them onesies for fun, but I think they’re really adorable. But even though I’ve seen many a romper that I would love to own (ASOS, you will be the death of me), I just can’t do it. I’m pear-shaped to the max, and I just can’t imagine being able to find a pair of shorts that would fit my ass without just falling off of my top half. I usually do dresses with full skirts, because I can’t even find jeans that fit my ass and my waist. It’s a hard life. A hard life that makes it impossible to wear cute, cute rompers.

All that being said, I think it will be fairly obvious when I tell you that I LOVE Kristen Stewart‘s outfit here. I absolutely love it. I don’t get why she’s insisting on the constant lace and the sheerness, but I’ll definitely take it if it means she looks as awesome as this*.

What do you think?

*Not the hair. The hair is so dumb.

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