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Kat Von D Is Getting Her Jesse James Tattoo Removed

A photo of Kat Von D and Jesse James

Do you remember this? Kat Von D got this big tattoo of Jesse James when they were dating. It was a portrait of him when he was a kid, and it was right on her rib cage. And yeah, it was pretty large.

When they broke up, she said that she had no plans on getting it removed, and here’s why:

“He had a rough childhood, so to see what he’s become from there, it’s amazing. That’s why I wanted the picture of him as a child, to capture that certain innocence. It was good having him beside me while we finished. The tattoo is a way of him recognizing somebody loves him.”

Sad, right? But then she just tweeted this picture:

A photo of Kat Von D

That’s fair, I guess. It probably would have been a better idea not to get the tattoo in the first place, or to have considered that maybe a relationship with Jesse James, a man best known in many circles for being a cheating cheater, wouldn’t end well, or, I don’t know, to not have dated him in the first place. But this is good too. It sounded like he really hurt her, and I’m sure it’s not easy having your ex’s face permanently plastered to your torso. So good on her, I guess.

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