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Oh man. The shoes. The new shoes. Guys, they’re not any better than the old shoes (well, except for the fact that you can’t see her gnarled-up toes or the spray tan stains on the clear areas of the straps), and quite frankly, I don’t even understand these shoes. This particular style of shoe isn’t even comprehensible as a joke, let alone a “Hey, I’mma seriously wear these and YOU TAKE ME SERIOUS OR ELSE.”

I’m torn, friends. I don’t know if I should give the girl a hearty pat on the back for finally girling up and buying a pair of shoes that actually conceal the feet, or if I should give the girl a hearty pat on the back of the head for possibly going from bad to worse.

Decisions, decisions.

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  • Honestly though…can you imagine how crazy her boobs would look without the shoes? Srsly, cover up the shoes with your thumb and imagine flats. Yeah! Almost as crazy as those shoes!

      • She has both a visual and a physical balancing act going on. I hate every minute of it but dammit…girl at least knows how to balance out the bad.

      • PLZ Sarah , stop posting her hideous shoes .
        I don’t get this trend of having a platform sole under the ball of the feet . It is not sexy at all.
        Stilettos with a spiked heel & a 5mm sole is hot :)

  • The odd couple for sure. And her breasts are real when pigs fly. There isn’t even a half ounce of fat on her. There’s absolutely no way they’re real…

  • Does anyone else think that she looks like a little girl from the abdomen down? Like literally, her body looks like it belongs to a twelve year old, even though she’s 18-19 yrs old. Shit is not even attractive. It’s so funny she denies the implants bc we all damn well know someone with such a naturally small frame does not have the genes or ability to grow such a large bust. It’s physically impossible, but she doesn’t think so, lol.

    And she HAS to know by now that the only thing keeping her slightly relevant is the fact that she was basically molested by an old man and loved every minute of it. So that basically makes her a whore, right? She’s exploiting herself and used sex and scandal for recognition, which in turn generates money. She’s just not right in the head, seriously. I mean, this is a woman who thinks it’s perfectly normal, and hot, to be fucking a senior citizen for fame. She thinks her stupid videos she makes for youtube are cute and that she’s famous and super hot, when in reality the world is laughing at her.

    I wish someone could just shake her and magically produce some more IQ points so she could wake up and be embarrassed for her immature behavior and just stop with the antics bc it’s just sad.

    • Idk why she thinks stripper heels are cool but they make her look like an idiot. Anyone could wear those but no one does because they look retarded.

  • Maybe the left shoe is a half size too big but the right one seems to fit just fine, lol. Either that or it’s just because her foot is in the air making it look like it fits. Or maybe she just still has teenager mentality and the store was out of her size so she whined and bitched and threw a little kid fit until Doug bought the next size up for her anyway.

    I watched ONE episode of that VH1 reality show they are on and you can see how young and stupid she really is. She doesn’t know how to handle herself in front of a camera she gets all excited and hyper. Sort of like an untrained puppy. She’s all smiley and giggling and squirming in her seat. At one point, Doug tried to have a serious conversation with her after he left the counselor when she spots a rabbit in the grass and starts squealing “LOOK IT’S A CUTE LITTLE BUNNY RABBIT OMG IT’S A BUNNY LOOK OMG A BUNNY OMG LOOK!!!!!!” She kept interrupting him over this goddamned bunny rabbit, clearly not giving two F’n shits about a thing Doug had to say about their relationship. Because you know, a bunny rabbit hopped by. WAY more important than their marriage. That clip right there showed me just how mentally young she still is. And he seems to enjoy her immaturity and childish behavior because he sat there laughing. Ugh these two are pathetic and annoying. NO ONE CARES BITCH. NO ONE CARES …

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