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Lindsay Has Resurfaced in Philadelphia And Also on Twitter

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Yep, that’s a photo of Lindsay Lohan signing autographs down in Philadelphia. But why was she there, you might be wondering. And I’ll tell you. Because it’s hilarious.

She was there to see The Wanted in concert. They had a show last night and Lindsay managed to make her way backstage, where she was seen giving autographs. It’s funny because Lindsay also saw The Wanted before her latest bar fight, and it was rumored that one of the reasons Lindsay got mad enough to punch someone was because that someone was spotted talking to Max, one of the band members.

During another concert, another member of the band, George, called Lindsay “the best drunk in New York,” and another member, Jay, wore a shirt that read “Free Lindsay” to a show.

Basically, Lindsay is stalking The Wanted, but they’re cool with it. Which is neat, I guess?

In other, Lindsay news, our girl is back on Twitter! It’s not terribly exciting, she just posted a photo of the Thanksgiving dinner she shared with her mother and her siblings:

Note the bottles of wine. I’m sure the Lohan clan did.

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