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Amanda Bynes Is So Sad

A photo of Amanda Bynes

From the New York Post:

Spotting transplanted LA star Amanda Bynes has become the “Where’s Waldo?” of New York’s club scene. The former Nickelodeon actress — who has a hearing in her alleged hit-and-run case in LA Dec. 17 — was seen at new club Rosewood in a “white midriff-baring shirt, a ton of makeup and super-long false eyelashes” yesterday around 1 a.m.

“She seemed sad and empty-eyed,” a spy said. “She kept looking around like she wanted someone to talk to her.”

Bynes occasionally raised her hand in the air to dance before heading out after an hour. She then surfaced at Meatpacking club SL “by herself, just walking around bumping into people,” a witness said. “She tapped a girl on the shoulder and asked to take a picture of her outfit. The girl recognized her and asked for a picture in return. But Amanda said that wasn’t her name and told her ‘no photos.’”

On Monday night, Bynes was at a Duane Reade with newly dyed purple locks and a suspicious-looking cigarette. A source said, “She was blatantly smoking and she had lipstick all over her face.”

A rep for Bynes didn’t return calls.

Hey, can some of you guys in New York get together real quick and rescue Amanda and Lindsay Lohan? They’ll both be at least slightly intoxicated, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Get a big truck or something similar so that you can put them in the back, far away from the steering wheel, and then transport them to some sort of rehab facility that can make them less sad. Because they’re too sad, you guys. They’re just too sad.

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  • This might be a dumb question, but has Amanday Byrnes been examined by a doctor in the last year or two? I ask because there might be something besides simply drugs or alcohol responsible for her erractic behavior. A brain tumor, a stroke, something medical, maybe? I’m just throwing it out there, saying that’s it’s possible, right?

  • i don”t get why people like her expose themselves like that. i mean they are stars after all they should learn how to take care of themselves but they never seem to do that!

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