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Quotables: Brian Littrell (Yeah, I Know) Doesn’t Pray for Lindsay Lohan Either

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Unfortunately, no, [I don’t pray for Lindsay Lohan]. I’m probably breaking a lot of ministers’ hearts. It’s like, “He’s a Christian. He should pray for everybody” … But she’s not in my prayers at night. I’m sorry.

Brian Littrell (formerly of the Backstreet Boys, if you had no idea who he was to begin with) on Lindsay Lohan and how she fits into the grand scheme of the afterlife, and it’s pretty funny that someone as random as this dude is talking good, positive thoughts for Lindsay Lohan (or the lack thereof, honestly), because weren’t we just talking about this the other day? Yes, we were.

Brian, if you don’t know, has become a deeply religious fellow since the Backstreet Boys disbanded earlier in the decade, and Lindsay, as you know, is in some serious, dire need of counseling, whether it be emotional, mental, religious, or just the good old STOP DRINKING FOOL kind that you get in rehab.

Way to talk the talk, Brian Littrell. Way to be.

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    • Didn’t they break up, then, at a point in time? I could swear they did. (Not that I was ever a fan, which could account for my inaccuracy.)

      • He’s also been extremely religious since a young age (his family’s religion was reinforced when he went through heart surgery at the age of 5)… so it’s not a new thing…
        I used to be a bit of a BSB freak, so I don’t expect this to be general knowledge, but c’mon now Sarah!

  • he and her have a history, somewhat. She used to bang Nick Carter! LOLOLOL Nick freaking Carter showed up to one of our house parties back in the day & looked beat the fuck up a.k.a tweaked out. (I lived with some shady dudes at the time, what can I say…)

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