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I Love You, Hilary Duff, But You’re Not a Size 2 Yet, I’m Sorry

photo of hilary duff is not a size 2 pictures
See this picture? This is a photo of Hilary Duff, and it was taken this past weekend during a shopping trip. Which means it was recent within a few days. Let me take you to another photo that Hilary herself Tweeted over the last few days, which shows a nice pair of Rag and Bone jeans—in a size 26, which I hear is about a US size 2:

photo of hilary duff's size 26 jeans pictures
And here’s the Tweet that went along:

Yaaaa bitches! @gabejohns your kickin my ass and its paying off! Skinny jeans! LETS GO!

And while she looks gorgeous, and frankly, doesn’t need to lose any more weight, there is no way that she’s a size two. She just isn’t. And striving to be a size 2, in my humblest of opinions, might be a little much on Hilary. She’s not naturally built like Kate Moss—and I think a 26 is going to be way too small for Hilary if, indeed, that’s what her goal size is. This is what Hilary looked like at her thinnest (and definitely not her best):

photo of hilary duff pictures skinny pic
Let sleeping dogs lie, girl. Let ’em lie.

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  • At her skinniest, she might have been a size 2. She’s delusional right now. I agree – it should NOT be her goal – to be a size 2. Stupid. Be happy and embrace life. Sexier than being a size 2. (I’m 5’9″, 47 and a size 4…..which is a size larger than I was at her age….so I know.)

  • She’s 5’1″. Someone at that height can fit into much smaller sizes because they are physically smaller than someone who is, say, 5’6″ like Kate Moss.

    Kate Moss’s size 2 will look different than Hilary Duff’s.

    • You’re absolutely right. Still, I’d peg her at a 27 or 28. Which can actually very well be a US size 2 these days ( as numerical sizes mean nothing anymore, since they’re very far from standardized).

    • I totally agree. I’m about the same build as her, petite but with curves. When I was in the best shape I was about 117 and wore a 0-4. Sometimes girls didn’t believe me because I wasn’t as straight as a pencil.

  • Two years ago I lost a ton of weight and was a size 2. Now, I’m back up at a size 8 and I can still fit into one or two of my size 2’s jeans….I think they stretched out as I grew, which is pretty funny but they say “2” and I am no longer a 2, but I wear them…. so. Just goes to show that labels really mean nothing. As we already knew, thanks to nearly every star who claims she’s a size 2 or whatever (Kirstie Alley and Kim Kardashian come to mind).

  • She didn’t look very good when she was super thin anyways. I think she looks awesome as she is right now. I hope it’s not her goal to get back down to that tiny weight she previously had.

  • Size 2-4 , depending on the brand is believable. It’s hard to see her waist. Sure, she looks larger on top, but some women get top heavy with pregnancy and breastfeeding and PLUS she’s wearing a giant bulky sweater that hides a lot. people can store fat in many different places. She could have a more full face but smaller butt and legs. Who knows for sure unless she posts a pic of herself in a bikini. Her bottom pic looks more like a 0.

  • I have two kids, and I’m a size 2. I’m 5’7 125, so I believe it, since she’s shorter and has a smaller body frame than I do, I’m sure.

  • Also, stop hatin’! Who cares about her size. She’s excited about dropping the pounds, so let it go.

  • She could be a 2. I wear anything from a 2 to 8, depending on the brand, & they all fit the same.

    Also, technically – she never said the jeans fit. For all we know that could have been an “on my way” goal pic…

  • I believe it. She has a smaller lower body and a bigger upper body. She’s like an upside down pear shape.

  • what she looks like she is a full size 2, definitely not more than a size 4, this is what these sizes actually look like. and the photo where she looks super thin is probably a size 0, if not a double 0. this is what these sizes look like, people fail to see this because they either do not know their true size, or because of their own heavy weight do not believe it. and the most obvious factor, is the angle of the photo. that is the worst angle to photograph legs

  • She looks about a size 2-4 to me. I believe her. I’m a size 27 for jeans and she looks about a 26.

  • She’s definitely a size 2 – 4 (if they’re skinny size 2 will work). And now she looks much skinnier, maybe a 2 or 0.

    I’m from eastern Europe, where theoretically size 2 is an S (0 – XS) but this translates to most girls as an M. I’m petite and I consider myself a bit on the extra side on a 2.

  • Im 5’1 1/2 and weigh 110 pounds. I physically look much smaller than hilary in the recent pic. I also only rarely fit in size 2’s. Im mostly 3-5. I love hilary but shes not a size 2 yet. Thats my goal 2 hil! <3

  • Who cares what the label on a pair of jeans she’s not even wearing says. She’s a fat disgusting sweat hog who wasn’t anything to write home about in her prime.

  • You are totally delusional… rag and bone fits true to size, which means 26 is American 6 NOT 2… damn so much hate and jealousy in this article

  • She could easily be a 26 here. She’s short. 5’2″ and curvy. I am the same height, a muscular 125lbs, and a size 25-26. Her hips and thighs look very similar in size to mine here. Height is a huge factor. A 26 on a short, curvy body is going to look very different than on a body of similar proportions with more height. Also, the cut and brand of jeans will vary. Some run big, some small.

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