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The IRS Has Seized All of Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From TMZ:

As if she weren’t royally screwed enough … Lindsay Lohan’s tax problems have become so extreme … the IRS has seized ALL of her bank accounts in order to repay her massive outstanding debt.

As we reported, Uncle Sam has filed tax liens against Lindsay for the years 2009 and 2010 — claiming she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes.

Charlie Sheen generously paid Lindsay $100,000 to help alleviate Lindsay’s 2009 tax problem — but we’re told Charlie’s check barely scratched the surface … because Lindsay also owes money for 2011.

The IRS has given Lindsay ample time to pay up — but the Man’s tired of waiting … so we’re told the IRS has seized ALL her bank accounts in order to settle her debt.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she’s in full-on panic mode about her financial situation, and is desperately trying to make some cash to get out of the red.

Dang, you guys. Dang. This is getting way too serious. I feel like this whole situation is a whole lot worse than last year’s big jewelry heist, don’t you? Shit’s coming at her from all sides, and even though she brought all this on herself, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her. Or it’s probably more like pity, actually. Does that sound catty, to say I pity her?

But I really do, because here’s another little bit of Lindsay news: her friends are trying their best to get her to go to rehab, probably because of that whole issue where she drinks two liters of vodka a day and then punches strangers in night clubs. But she won’t have it. Because she doesn’t even have a problem, guys! Why is everyone all worried over nothing? She just did three movies, do you think an alcoholic could do that? And this is seriously supposed to be her defense. See? Pity.

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  • I don’t understand why Dina is all up-in-arms, blaming Michael Lohan. Hasn’t Lindsay been emphatic that he’s been out of her life for years?
    I pity her in the cattiest, shittiest way.

  • Oh! Also… Doesn’t this mean she’s worth WAY less than her debt if ALL of her accounts have been seized?? Juicy. She’s worth less money than she has made this year. I bet she is like a wet cat right now without a cent in her stolen Chanel purse; clawing everyone’s eyes out. What do you want to bet she’s going to be in NY with Vikram Chatwal VERY, VERY soon.

  • Let’s see, she rents expensive cars, flies private jets, stays in expensive hotels, wears top of the line clothes with her expensive purses and jewelry, carries #$10,000 in cash in her purses, gets $100,000 from old man with missing tooth, shops all the time and you want pity for the, not even trying a little bit, woman? I pay an accountant every year to do my business taxes and pay my taxes every year and I make nothing, so why so much pity for her lately? I wish someone gave a crap about me as much as they do for Lindsay and her bad behavior.