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Look! Taylor Swift and Her New Boyfriend Had a Baby Already!

photo of taylor swift and harry styles pictures at central park zoo pic
Well “had” I would suppose isn’t exactly the right term to use, so let’s go and say “have,” because it’s definitely truer. However, as it’s today, and today is a whole day after all this happened, I think it might be passable to say “Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend had a baby” and leave the “already” out of there, as if it were something we were expecting (because honestly speaking, of course we weren’t). Alright?

No, this is Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction, with a baby. A friend’s baby, to be exact, and they’re all hanging out at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, because duh, babies like zoos. And what better way to come across all hot and MILF-y and maternal than to get that male estrogen going by showing a young man on the brink of puberty that it’s time to settle down and get married and talk babies?

Damn, guys. This girl just doesn’t play around.

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  • FYI: I think they should break up that’s wat me and my friends think that they should diffidently break up!

  • well I am not a big fan of them being together but if harrys happy im happy and people dont need to be threating t-swift she deserves to be happy and so dose harry and they are happy together then they should be together

  • i think taylor is a whore and a freak. stop with the save the world thing and get a life. her justin bieber i cant take anymore.