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Aw Crap, Really? (Or, “Chris Brown Returns to Twitter”)

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Why? Why? I just don’t even understand it, guys. Yeah, Chris has his big old posse of intimidating, violence-loving followers who call themselves Team Breezy or whatever (seriously, that’s about the lamest thing I’ve ever heard and all that “eezy” shit added to the end of a word hasn’t been cool since … oh, right, yeah, it wasn’t even cool when Snoop Dogg was doing it a decade or more ago), so the only thing that I can think of as to why he’d even remotely consider a return to Twitter after his rant against comedian Jenny Johnson and then that interview where he said that he’s nothing but a man on social media and a MATURE MAN at that would be because he’s—DURRR—stupid and doesn’t really care that most rational people on the face of the earth think he’s stupid and dumb and a gigantic piece of shit.

This is what he had to say as for his Big Return to Twitter:


Which, of course, means “seize the day” if you’re intelligent, but in Chris-speak it actually means “F-ck all y’all bitches and hos / I’ma gon’ piss in your ear and shit down your throat” because duh, naturally that’s what he means whenever he opens his mouth about anything.

Jeez, get with the times, guys.

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  • Snoop was putting “-izzle” at the end of everything, not “-eezy” that was Kanye (Yeezy) and lil Wayne (Weezy) so he’s trying to fit in with rappers cause he’s such a bad ass

  • Look, Sarah. I’m not saying this because you look like an older woman (Just sayin’) or because i’m a “Team Breezy Fan”. I’m saying it because people ALL need to give him a break. The man didn’t do alot to have people “dissing” him from my house to the end of the world. I love Chris Brown and I listen to his songs, All that comes out his mouth doesn’t mean “Suck My Dick Whore” Or something nasty or sexual. Thanks,


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