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6Aw Crap, Really? (Or, “Chris Brown Returns to Twitter”)

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Why? Why? I just don’t even understand it, guys. Yeah, Chris has his big old posse of intimidating, violence-loving followers who call themselves Team Breezy or whatever (seriously, that’s about the lamest thing I’ve ever heard and all that “eezy” shit added to the end of a word hasn’t been cool since … oh, right, yeah, it wasn’t even cool when Snoop Dogg was doing it a decade or more ago), so the only thing that I can think of as to why he’d even remotely consider a return to Twitter after his rant against comedian Jenny Johnson and then that interview where he said that he’s nothing but a man on social media and a MATURE MAN at that would be because he’s—DURRR—stupid and doesn’t really care that most rational people on the face of the earth think he’s stupid and dumb and a gigantic piece of shit.

This is what he had to say as for his Big Return to Twitter:


Which, of course, means “seize the day” if you’re intelligent, but in Chris-speak it actually means “F-ck all y’all bitches and hos / I’ma gon’ piss in your ear and shit down your throat” because duh, naturally that’s what he means whenever he opens his mouth about anything.

Jeez, get with the times, guys.

December 3, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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6 Responses to “Aw Crap, Really? (Or, “Chris Brown Returns to Twitter”)”

  1. Chaz says:

    Should we be happy he didn’t tweet YOLO or spell it KarpyDeeum?

  2. Melissa Vega says:

    Snoop was putting “-izzle” at the end of everything, not “-eezy” that was Kanye (Yeezy) and lil Wayne (Weezy) so he’s trying to fit in with rappers cause he’s such a bad ass

  3. Ty'Niha says:

    Look, Sarah. I’m not saying this because you look like an older woman (Just sayin’) or because i’m a “Team Breezy Fan”. I’m saying it because people ALL need to give him a break. The man didn’t do alot to have people “dissing” him from my house to the end of the world. I love Chris Brown and I listen to his songs, All that comes out his mouth doesn’t mean “Suck My Dick Whore” Or something nasty or sexual. Thanks,


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