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Here’s Danielle Fishel Trying to be Funny

If this is any indication of what Danielle‘s going to be like when ‘Girl Meets World’ premieres, I’m sad to say that Ben Savage really needs to do some serious overacting to make up for Danielle and her Big Important Stage Presence.

This is Danielle, obviously, playing Lindsay Lohan playing Liz Taylor, and normally I’d say, yeah, go ahead and jump in—cash in on Lindsay’s self-plague of misfortune and milk that shit, but wait … no, I don’t think that’s all that cool, and I don’t think it’s wise of Danielle to hop in on this and make a mockery when she’s got her very own show debuting sometime in the near future.

Don’t get me wrong, Danielle’s still cute and all, but going for this easy shot? In such an over-the-top kind of way? I don’t like it—not a bit.

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  • If she is playing a witchy, mean, nasty character in her new show – it’s promotional. If not, she’s as much of an idiot as she comes off as in this video. She’s not that funny, imo.

    • Congratulations, you have now made the most ridiculous post in the history of this site. Yes, no one on this site would ever take an easy shot at Lindsay Lohan….never ever. Oh right, Danielle Fishel is making fun of the one event in Lindsay Lohan’s life that for some odd reason you did not think was worthy of ridicule. Not that this site doesn’t have its entertaining moments, but a self-aware parody of a former child actress by a former child actress is much more clever and funny than venting about how stupid or ugly Lindsay Lohan is every day. kimcheee, you seem to have no idea of what this video is parodying and no knowledge of Danielle Fishel past or present, which is kind of shocking.

  • Looks to me like she’s doing a fine job reenacting Lindsay’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor. When Danielle Fishel hijacks a car, steals, lies, drives while drunk, crashes her car into other cars and people, goes to rehab and jumps the fence, carries tons of cash in her and her sisters purses that will be claimed to be stolen, waste tons of taxpayer money on her foolishness, etc. etc. etc., I might do a tsk tsk to Danielle for the parody of poor, pitiful Lindsay Lohan. But for now I’ll let her show biz friends and her fans do that for her.

  • It’s The Soup. It’s a joke. Lindsay’s a pathetic joke but a joke all the same. I would have thought this site out of all of them would just go with it. Not all jokes are funny to all people but actually I think this over-acting crazy skit is kinda funny. Oh. And. It’s The Soup!

    • Oh no, only this site is allowed to mercilessly joke about Lindsay Lohan. I think maybe Sarah sensed this old act was getting stale and figured she’d change things up and act like that other Sarah never existed, sort of like how Hulk Hogan’s ring persona vacillates between all-American hero and rulebreakin’ bad boy every few years (with no logical explanation) depending on how bored the crowds seem.

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