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Eva Longoria: Would You, Still?

photo of eva longoria mexico gq pictures
The guys at GQ are hoping you’d still, because otherwise, what the hell are they doing, choosing Eva Longoria as their cover girl?

See, I’m just all sorts of “blah” about Eva Longoria. Yeah, there’s no doubt that she’s pretty hot, but there’s not a whole lot special about her. No, I think that Eva Longoria would be just as successful in her life as a hot secretary or a hot Director of Marketing or even a hot drafting engineer or something. I don’t know. She’s cute and all, but there’s nothing really remarkable about her. Also, she’s boring as hell.

That being said—Eva Longoria: would you, still? My answer would be, “Yeah, but only if there were eighty or a hundred other hot women who were unavailable at the time.” Penny for your thoughts?

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  • I thought she was pretty hot until she opened her mouth (and not in the good way to sexually gratify me), but when she supported Obama! I guess it’s pretty obvious from her former husband (Cheating Tony Parker) that she has VERY, VERY, VERY bad taste in men! She apparently likes narcissists (Tony) and Socialists(Obama). There are SO many other hot Latina’s that make Eva seem like nothing special.

  • I want to look like her. Nothing more. Nothing about her makes me want to switch teams, if that’s what you’re asking.

  • She’s hot but they’ve definitely photoshopped every last sign of her age from this picture. She still looks gorgeous anyway so did they really need to make her look like she’s 20? If you wanna say how hot an older woman is, appreciate the fact she is gonna look a little older…

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