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Last Lindsay Post of the Day, Promise: The Fight Was All Over a Boy Band-Boy

photo of lindsay lohan red hair and drunk pictures
I could just roll over and die. No joke. Roll over. and die. From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan punched another woman in the face over Max from the boy band “The Wanted” last night … and we’ve learned Max was turned off by the fact LiLo was sloppy drunk inside the club … this according to sources at the club.

We’re told … Lindsay went to the Justin Bieber concert — but not to see the Biebs — “The Wanted” was the opening act … and Lindsay has been scoping Max out for the last few days.

Sources say Lindsay tried to get backstage after the concert to see him — but she was blocked. Fast forward to later that evening when Lindsay met up with Max, Jay and Tom at a hotel bar.

The four of them — along with one of LiLo’s friends — then went to the club Avenue together.

As the evening wore on, we’re told Lindsay got drunker and drunker … and it turned Max off. He then started talking to another woman, which enraged Lindsay. That woman is the one Lindsay is accused of battering. (FYI — Max was also really drunk).

Ironically, Max washed his hands of both of them — found another girl in the club — and went home with her instead … while Lindsay ended up in jail.

Oh my gosh, yes, because guys who aren’t totally trashy like her Royal Highness Lindsay, tell me: isn’t it just the hottest when a girl you’re not even interested in punches another girl you’re not even interested in, in the face? Doesn’t that just totally ring your bell?

Here’s a photo of this Max person, a person with whom I’m not at all familiar, because I don’t do bands like The Wanted mostly:

photo of max the wanted pictures

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