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Jared Leto Starved Himself for a Month to Get This Skinny

photo of jared leto pictures skinny terry richardson pic
Is this guy a class act or what? I mean, he’s just so totally method, and what better way to tell the world that you’re method than showing them the actual effects of being so totally method? Shia LaBeouf move over, we have another actor ready and willing to take your place—and this one’s actually a relatively talented thespian!

This photo is from a recent shoot with Terry Richardson, where Jared displayed the shrunken form that he worked so hard on for the role opposite Matthew McConaughey (the very same role that he obliterated his eyebrows for), in ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’. In the film, Jared plays a HIV-diagnosed transsexual woman who supports Matthew McConaughey’s efforts in procuring life-saving drugs from Mexico.

How much thinner can you get, Jared? Jeez Louise.

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  • Keep it up Jared! Hopefully you’ll whither away to nothing and disappear…weirdo. That loser keeps taking up space on websites that should be devoted to hot chicks.

      • Who ‘reads’ about hot chicks? ‘Hot chicks’ are for looking at. If I wanted to understand the world better in a really philosophical and meaningful way, I wouldn’t be visiting a gossip site. Also, anyone ever tell you that you look like that boring girl with the green jacket from that cartoon on MTV? I think she was in Beavis and Butthead too.

  • That is insanely weird and I think unnecessary, plus, is it so hard to find trans women who are actresses?

  • Honestly, do they really have to do that. I really doubt he’s getting a lot of praise for this extreme preparation.

  • I have to applaud Leto’s dedication to his art, it’s amazing the extent some actors will go to in order to connect with their character and provide the truest performance that they can. I wish, though, that computer graphics had been used instead of him actually wasting, this is incredibly hard on the body and I hate to think of the lasting implications it could have.