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Angus T. Jones: Definitely Not Quitting

A photo of Angus T. Jones

It’s certainly a dirty job, working on a television show and making tons of money. But you know, someone’s got to do it. And that someone might as well be Angus. Since, you know, he’s there already. Or whatever.

But yeah, he’s not quitting, according to People. He called the show “filth” and said that it was controlled by Satan, but a paycheck’s a paycheck, I guess. He isn’t scheduled to shoot until January, after the holiday break, and the word is that he’ll be there with bells on. Or probably crucifixes and vials of holy water. Because of Satan.

But then again, the source is careful to note that Angus will “honor his contract through the end of the season.” Over at TMZ, their sources say that he’ll definitely quit after this season, and that he wanted to quit last year but his reps told him that would be a dumb move. That article also mentions that Angus never thought anyone would pay attention to his video, and he feels really bad that it’s caused all these issues.

I don’t know, I think Angus is a good kid. The hypocrisy is annoying, and it’s sort of hard for me to understand how he would think that this wouldn’t affect anything about the show, but whatever. He’s 19, he’s a little misguided, maybe a little simple, and he doesn’t want to do his show anymore. Worse things have happened.

Let’s conclude this with a solid “bless his heart,” and then we’ll try to move on from this. Unless someone really dramatic happens, natch.

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